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Pupil Worms appear in "The Real You." The worms attend a class on "Theoretical Fightonomics" at Worm College, located inside a massive rotten apple near Tree Trunks' house. In it, Professor Worm gives a lecture on the Werewolf Queen.

Finn and Jake disguise their fingers to look like worms so they can get into the class, and they proceed to give fake names; however, the name Finn chooses is "Wormy McSquirmy," a student who had apparently signed up but had never attended class. The worms are angered by this and attack Finn and Jake's disguised fingers, but Finn and Jake easily push all the worms into a wall, injuring them. The worm professor attacks Finn's finger with a book, but this fails to do anything, and Finn and Jake then escape.


They have almost exact appearance to the regular worms, but they are a slightly more yellowish green color. Some are shown wearing glasses.


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  • They might be a play on the word "bookworm."
  • The Pupil Worms seem to have a love or knowledge of comic books: the professor gives a lecture about a battle between the Übermensch of Friedrich Nietzsche (which could be an analogue of DC Comic's Superman) and the Mandroid mechs of Marvel Comics. One also says Marvel writer Stan Lee's trademark motto, "Excelsior!"