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The Pudding Troll is the former guardian of Ble Headquarters. He appeared in "Blenanas", wherein he attempted to force Ice King and Finn off the the premises, but quickly admitted defeat. For the remainder of the episode, he helped the two of them create a new issue of Ble magazine.


The Pudding Troll is a fairly large, humanoid being who is seemingly composed of pudding. He has a face on his stomach that he refers to as "Big Tina", whom has the ability to shoot pudding out of her mouth. He also appears to have his "hair" in a bun, and wears a red speedo.


Pudding Cannon[]


There is a reason that the Pudding Troll was hired for security. His stomach head, Big Tina, has the ability to shoot a geyser of pudding at any trespassers that happen to threaten the premises. The only downside to this is that it's hard to control where it fires.


  • Despite being referenced as a separate entity, Big Tina has no lines.
    • Her only utterance is the sound she made when she fired pudding from her mouth.
  • As his name suggests, the Pudding Troll could very well be a Candy Person.