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Pro Football 1861 is a game that Jake plays on BMO in the episode "Business Time." It reappears in "Davey" when Randy is playing it on a TV screen, and Jake is again seen playing it in "Box Prince." It involves two Abraham Lincolns, one throwing a football at the other, who then kicks it. The game's title is never mentioned in the show, but was revealed on the Beemo app, which includes a real, playable version of the game.


  • The background resembles the rainbow Commander Video in Bit.Trip.
  • The game is one of the interchangeable face-plates on the BMO action figure from Jazwares.
  • You can play against an AI, which may be BMO

Cultural References

  • 1861 refers to an important year for Abraham Lincoln and America. Lincoln was inaugurated as President and the first shot of the American Civil War was fired.
  • Even though the game is titled Pro Football 1861, the first game of American football was not played until 1869, and the first game of "pro football" was held in 1892.

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