Prismo's Hot Tub is a recurring object in Adventure Time, and can be found in The Time Room. It was first summoned by Prismo in the episode, "Jake The Dog," so that they could watch Finn in his alternate reality. It continues to appear in episodes where Prismo and the Cosmic Owl hang out.


It appears to be a standard wooden hot tub with metal rods. There are stairs which can be used to get into it. There's also an inflatable island with a Pom Tree floating in the water.

Episode Appearances


  • In the episode, Jake The Dog, Jake throws up in it because he couldn't handle the stress of the wish that he was about to make.
  • The tub often includes the cosmic owl, along with, of corse, Prismo.
  • The Hot Tub is not always seen during shots of the Time Room.



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