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Prismo's Boss, or otherwise The Boss as called by some characters, is an unseen character that was only mentioned in a few episodes, and whose characteristics are still a mystery, save for their position as Prismo and Orbo's superior.


In "Crossover", Prismo says that if The Lich and Farmworld Finn went through with their plan to create a portal that connected them to the multiverse, then his boss would hold him responsible. Surprised, Jake asks Finn who that could be, but he receives no reply.

In "Prismo the Wishmaster", Prismo says that if the Scarab were to report him for creating an unauthorized universe, then his boss would bring the hammer down on Prismo for it.

In "Jerry", Scarab is set free from Orbo's punishment by the boss.

In "Cheers", after Fionna's universe is canonised, the boss calls Scarab and has a brief unheard argument with him.




Listen, something REALLY BAD is about to go down. Ice Finn is using his world's Enchiridion to build a portal to the multiverse. We literally do not know what will happen if he succeeds, but it could be catastrophic to the architecture of these realities! Now if that happens, my boss, let me repeat that, MY BOSS, will hold me responsible.


Prismo's boss? Who's that?


Remember when I said I wasn't supposed to create new realities for myself? It's actually a big deal and I could get in serious trouble for it. The guy who was at the door, that's the Scarab. He's a jerk god-auditor. And if he finds out about you, he's gonna report me. And then — gugh — my boss is gonna drop the hammer!


Your boss?



  • Prismo's Boss is the third known character in the Adventure Time franchise to have some form of relationship with a Cosmic Entity despite being only mentioned and not even having its name revealed, with the first being Life's Father and the second being Prismo's Uncle.
  • Being the "boss" of a Wishmaster like Prismo might imply that Prismo's Boss is one of the most powerful characters in the franchise.
  • Prismo's statement about his boss holding him responsible for the metaling of dimensions across the multiverse most likely implies that they have some sort of inter-dimensional authority and/or abilities.
  • Based on the angelic and demonic wings of the phone it is possible that this entity rules over both the light and dark halves of the multiverse.