Prismo's Boss is a character that was only ever mentioned in the episode "Crossover". Prismo said that if The Lich ended up going through with his plan in the dystopian Farmworld, his boss would hold him responsible. Prismo seemed very panicked when mentioning his boss, as what he said exactly was "Let me repeat that, MY BOSS, will hold ME responsible!" After Prismo mentions his boss, Jake asked: "Prismo's Boss? Who's that?" To this he received no reply. Though he's never mentioned again, it's very probable that Prismo's Boss is an immensely powerful being since he watches over Prismo, another cosmic entity with powers on a multiversal scale.




  • Prismo's Boss is the second known character in the Adventure Time franchise to have some form of relationship with a Cosmic Entity despite being only mentioned and not even having its name revealed, the first being Life's Father.
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