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Princess Zip is an alien who seemingly lives in the Land of Ooo over a thousand years in the future. She made her first and only appearance in the series finale "Come Along With Me", wherein she is seen on a picnic with Shermy and Beth, implying that the three of them are friends.


Princess Zip has gray skin and big greenish-black eyes with a crown that strongly resembles Princess Bubblegum's crown.


Princess Zip has the ability to fly, and when she does so, jets of smoke erupt from her feet, implying that this is how she propels herself.


Princess Zip does not appear for very long, and presumably does not speak English, making it hard to determine her personality. However, Shermy claims she has a one-track mind, and she appears to be easily frightened (or at least non-confrontational) as she instantly flees when she sees the Prize Ball Guardian, as opposed to her friends who chase after it.


  • Princess Zip resembles the Grays from "High Strangeness," and can be presumed to be of the same species. However, while they spoke in murmuring sounds, Princess Zip speaks in a language that seems to be comprised of whistling noises and tongue vibrations, which Shermy appears to understand.