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Princess Princess Princess makes her first appearance in "What is Life?" in Ice King's Imagination Zone. She later reappears in the episode "Loyalty to the King" when she bumps into Finn and Jake, saying she wanted to meet the Nice King. She then appears three seasons later in "Princess Potluck" attending the potluck of Princess Bubblegum. According to the events in "Princess Day," she is a registered princess.


Princess Princess Princess is a princess who has five heads, all of which have a unique crown or tiara. The center head has blonde hair that has a crown with many spikes and is yellow, the head on the right shoulder has auburn hair and has a tiara that looks like a spade with a bright blue jewel in the middle of it. The small head underneath the previous head has brunette hair, and her crown has two spikes on it. The head on the left shoulder has strange green hair and is drastically different from the other heads; it has a monstrous appearance with large red eyes, sharp teeth, and always has its mouth open and salivating. The "monster" head has a tiara that looks exactly like Turtle Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Embryo Princess and Slime Princess' tiaras, but with a ruby-colored gem. The final head is underneath the "monster" head. It is small like the brunette head and has navy blue hair, she has a crown similar to the blonde head's but with a darker yellow color and fewer visible spikes. Princess Princess Princess' skin is attached to her dress and all of her heads, except the "monster" head. Each head also has a slightly different voice except for the "monster" head, which has not been heard yet. She sometimes speaks alternating between heads per phrase, implying she may be one mutated princess.


Ice King[]

Like most of the princesses, Princess Princess Princess is usually getting harassed by the Ice King with his attempts to kidnap and marry her as seen in the episodes "Loyalty to the King" and "Princess Potluck."

Princess Bubblegum[]

In the episode "Princess Potluck" Princess Princess Princess was one of the princesses invited to Princess Bubblegum's potluck, assuming that Princess Bubblegum must know her and must be friends with her to have invited her over there.

Skeleton Princess[]

In the episode "Princess Potluck" Princess Princess Princess was seen sitting at a table with Skeleton Princess talking to her, assuming that they must know each other and be friends. The only one talking to her was the Blonde head.

Embryo Princess[]

In the episode "Princess Potluck" Princess Princess Princess was seen sitting at a table with Embryo Princess assuming that they must know each other and be friends.

Episode appearances[]

Minor appearances[]


Have you guys seen the new Nice King?

—"Loyalty to the King"

He's single. And he's ours. Now, get out of our way!

—"Loyalty to the King"


  • The only princess head not to have been heard talking is the monster head.
  • She is one of the people who need to be rescued in the Adventure Time iPhone app game Rock Bandits.
  • According to the Adventure Time game Rock Bandits, when the monster head talks, it comes out as a bunch of gibberish of roaring and screaming and making noises. Also, Jake asks Princess Princess Princess if she can talk through a non-monster head so they can understand her.
  • In "Princess Potluck," the blonde-haired head is the only one speaking to Skeleton Princess.
  • The episode "Princess Potluck" was the first episode where her name was mentioned.
  • In the gender-swapped version of her, all of the human heads are monster heads and the monster head is a human head.