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"Princess Monster Wife" is the ninth episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It's the eighty-seventh episode overall.


When Ooo’s princesses start losing body parts, Finn and Jake investigate.


The episode begins with the princesses of Ooo waking up to find various parts and pieces of their bodies missing. They go to Finn and Jake for help and the duo promise to help. They immediately go see Ice King, who denies doing anything at first, but reveals that he did in fact steal the princesses body parts to create Princess Monster Wife.

Finn and Jake faint from the shock of seeing her, leading Princess Monster Wife to inquire as to who they are. Ice King lies by saying the heroes are their children, whom they drag to the table for dinner. Princess Monster Wife tries to eat, but cannot keep the food in her mouth, which Ice King tries to imitate to make it seem like normal behavior.

After dinner they wash the dishes and Ice King shows Princess Monster Wife his castle and sings "Let Me Show You Something Special." After that, they watch TV, when suddenly Finn and Jake woke up, only to then pass out from seeing Princess Monster Wife again.

Princess Monster Wife begins to doubt her normality, but Ice King denies it and tells her that she is beautiful. Ice King then arranges a fashion show to prove it, forcing his penguins to watch in the process. It starts out well, but eventually goes awry when Gunter vomits upon looking at Princess Monster Wife. Finn and Jake wake up and try to intervene, whilst also attempting to stay conscious by looking at Princess Monster Wife's reflection using hand mirrors.

Distraught, Princess Monster Wife locks herself in her room. Ice King tries to show her that she is beautiful by revealing that he made her out of the parts of the princesses he found most beautiful. Princess Monster Wife is disturbed by this notion and asks Ice King whether he would love her without the princess parts. Suddenly, a blindfolded Finn and Jake burst in and take down Ice King, only to discover that Princess Monster Wife has left to return her stolen body parts to their rightful owners. As her cape, the only piece of her that was left, floats back into the Ice King's castle, where Princess Monster Wife's disembodied last words to Ice King state that she will always be his wife. Ice King replies that he cannot believe that she gave away all his stuff as the episode ends.


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  • This episode introduces a new princess, whose name is Elbow Princess. However, she had no important role in the episode, though Ice King considers her one of his favorite princesses.
  • Even though Dr. Princess is not actually a princess, she is one of the people who loses their body parts, suggesting that Ice King refuses to accept she is not royalty, or is attracted to her nonetheless due to her surname or because she slightly resembles Betty Grof.
  • Ghost Princess can be seen on the title card even though she is not in the episode.
  • In the title card there are framed pictures hanging on the wall. The people in those photos are: Jake, Finn, Lumpy Space Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Ghost Princess, Hot Dog Princess, Turtle Princess, Gunter, a dog-like creature and what appears to be the head of a fish.
  • The family in the title card appear on the T.V. while Ice King and his wife are watching it. Ice King, his wife, Finn, Jake, and Gunter are positioned the same way as the family.
  • Princess Monster Wife has the voice of Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, and Turtle Princess combined.
  • When Ice King eats with Princess Monster Wife, there is a nesting doll on one of the shelves nearby.
  • Another large portion of the Ice Kingdom is revealed in this episode.
  • At the start of the episode, there are several photographs framed on a wall in Ice King's home; one of which appears to be a pre-Mushroom War city under snowfall. Also, there's a small ice statue of a penguin on a shelf next to the pictures.
  • In a scene with Ice King and the plate of chicken nuggets, there seems to be a chicken nugget shaped as Tree Trunks.
  • The bottle of soap foam in Ice King's kitchen says "Elf Suds."
  • This episode shows that the princesses do not bleed even when a body part is taken (excluding Skeleton Princess since she is all bones), although Lumpy Space Princess was shown to have an ice pack on her face.
    • It's possible Ice King used magic to remove the body parts so as not to kill them. This would also explain how Doctor Princess is able to survive without her heart and intestines.
  • Even though Princess Bubblegum and Turtle Princess had a similar part of their heads missing, Turtle Princess could still talk while Princess Bubblegum could not.

Episode connections[]

  • Even though in "The Monster" Lumpy Space Princess returned to Lumpy Space, when Princess Monster Wife went to give her back her missing body part, Lumpy Space Princess is sleeping in the woods again. 
  • Gunter's child, Kitten, introduced in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" makes a cameo appearance standing on an icicle just as Ice King starts singing "Let Me Show You Something Special" and again when they land in front of the statues.
  • When Princess Monster Wife was returning the stolen body parts, she gives Turtle Princess's body part to Lumpy Space Princess. This may lead to Turtle Princess and Lumpy Space Princess's friendship in "Gotcha!"
  • All of the penguins' names that Ice King calls out in this episode sound similar to "Gunter," implying that the name Gunter is close with Ice King's crown as seen in "Simon & Marcy."

Cultural references[]

  • The stitched-together parts to create one composite being is similar to the creation of the monster of the Mary Shelley horror novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.
  • Much of the Ice King's musical number is a shot-for-shot homage to the magic carpet ride that takes place during "A Whole New World" in the 1992 Disney film Aladdin, including the couple's flight above a herd of horses and pyramids.
  • Finn and Jake's failed plan to use mirrors to get to Princess Monster Wife is reminiscent of the ancient Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa.
  • The family watching TV and sitting on the couch may be a reference to The Simpsons.

Storyline analysis[]

Production notes[]

  • The Snail's location is shown in the long preview.
  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on May 21, 2012. However, due to a last-minute programming change, it was moved to Monday, May 28, putting it after the two-part episode: "What Was Missing," and "Apple Thief."


  • In the episode "Jake vs. Me-Mow," Wildberry Princess's arms are directly connected to her body, but in this episode, her arms were connected to one of her berries.
  • In the episode "Hitman," the Ice King says that Lumpy Space Princess is one of his least favorite princesses, yet Lumpy Space Princess loses a body part and the Ice King says to Princess Monster Wife that all her body parts are from his favorite princesses. Given Ice King's short attention span and lack of conventional logic, it is possible that this is not an error and merely a result of his shifting affections, though.
  • When Finn and Jake look at Princess Monster Wife through mirrors, it appears she is facing them. However, when they faint, she has her back toward them.
  • Before Hot Dog Princess goes to try to kiss Finn, there were two rocks on the grass next to her, when the scene changes the rocks are gone.
  • Ice King's pupils are black instead of white when he shows Princess Monster Wife the statues.
    • His pupils are also black instead of white during the whole scene where he says "Enough chores...".
  • When Princess Monster Wife returns to the kitchen the 'Elf Suds' bottle is gone even though they left it there.
  • When the Ice King gives Princess Monster Wife the princess photos he gives her Muscle Princess' photo and says that Princess Monster Wife has Elbow Princess' hips.
  • Turtle Princess's model sheet (below) says that part of her face is missing. While this is true in the episode, there is no difference from this model art and her regular model art.
  • Originally, in the start, Turtle Princess' mouth matched up with LSP's mouth on Princess Monster, but later on in the episode, Turtle Princess' mouth matches with PB's mouth.
  • At the beginning of this episode, when the princesses are waking up and realizing that they are missing body parts, Skeleton Princess is sitting on a bed. At the end of the episode when the body parts are returned, she is sleeping in a coffin.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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