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Princess Monster Wife is a character in the episode of the same name. Princess Monster Wife was created by Ice King using parts he stole from the princesses of Ooo. She was very worried about her appearance and origins most of the episode, but she tried to be a normal housewife for Ice King and he seemed to care for her.

Princess Monster Wife's makeshift design caused her problems with eating and she made many unintelligible sounds in the episode. She was extremely ugly, causing Finn and Jake to faint when they looked at her. She also made a penguin throw up by blowing a kiss at it. She recognized that she wasn't normal when she saw Ice King's ice statue of her after he sang "Let Me Show You Something Special" to her. Finn, Jake, and the penguins made her feel ugly and unnatural, ultimately causing her to lock herself in the bathroom and cry. After Princess Monster Wife found out that she was stitched together from other princesses she returns her body parts to their rightful owners. The only thing that remained was a red cloak, and her sadly final goodbye to Ice King from her disembodied voice.


Princess Monster Wife was shown to have obvious self-image issues, to the point of locking herself in a bathroom to cry. New to the world, she was quite innocent and tried her best to please others. She appeared to genuinely care for the Ice King.

At the end of the episode, she committed a sacrificial act of kindness and heroism by giving up her own life to return the stolen body parts.


Princess Monster Wife was a tall princess made up of parts from the princesses of Ooo. She had obvious stitching connecting the parts to one another. Her mouth was made up of three headpieces and looks unnatural as a result, with the left side of her mouth connecting to both of the right sections at uneven angles. Each part of her body was covered by the clothing that its respective princess would wear on that part.

Princess Monster Wife had the right half of Princess Bubblegum's face, the left half of Turtle Princess' head, Lumpy Space Princess' chin, Wildberry Princess' right arm, Muscle Princess' left arm, the back half of Hot Dog Princess as a right leg, and Skeleton Princess' left leg. She also had less distinguishable parts in her midsection, with the only clearly recognizable part being Doctor Princess's lab coat. Ice King also said she has Elbow Princess' hips, Dr. Princess's heart and intestines, and Slime Princess' bottom. She wore the tiaras of Princess Bubblegum and Turtle Princess on their respective head parts.


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  • Because Princess Monster Wife had the mouths of Turtle Princess, Princess Bubblegum, and Lumpy Space Princess, her voice was a combination of those three princesses' voices.
  • In the ending of the episode, Lumpy Space Princess did not get her lumps back; she got Turtle Princess' missing part of her face. Later episodes show they have fixed this.
  • Princess Monster Wife was the first monster that Finn and Jake were unable to fight because the mere sight of her caused the two heroes to faint.
  • The portion of Lumpy Space Princess' face that was attached to Princess Monster Wife slightly resembles cleavage.
  • When puckered, Princess Monster Wife's lips looked like Lumpy Space Princess' lips after she drank the potion that gave her "luscious lips" in "From Bad to Worse."
  • Despite being made up of Ice King's favorite parts of his favorite princesses, he stated in "Loyalty to the King" and "Hitman," that Lumpy Space Princess was one of his least favorite princesses.

Storyline analysis[]

  • Princess Monster Wife's head consisted of a part of Princess Bubblegum's face. This could hint at the Ice King liking smart Princesses, a desire that possibly stemmed from Simon's love of Betty. As shown in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II," the Ice King (Simon) misses his partner Betty, who's a scientist.
  • It would make sense that Ice King (Simon) took a part of Doctor Princess as she slightly resembles Betty.
  • Princess Monster Wife was the only known princess to not reject Ice King, though this is likely because she was created by him.