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"Princess Cookie" is the thirteenth episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It is the ninety-first episode overall.


Finn and Jake are called to solve a Candy Kingdom hostage crisis when a rogue cookie takes over.[1]


The story begins when Princess Bubblegum, Finn, and Jake are barricaded behind Banana Guards during a hostage crisis. Princess Bubblegum attempts to negotiate with a cookie, the hostage taker, by offering him a large cowboy hat instead of her crown as ransom. He refuses to take the offer and adds that he will only give up the hostages for her royal crown. Bubblegum then proceeds to call the Captain Banana Guard, but Jake stops her and says that he and Finn could sneak in and help. Jake says he wants to be a mailman, and Finn replies that he could be his shadow. Princess Bubblegum replies that Jake looks more like a milkman and Jake reluctantly agrees. Jake and Finn then put on their costumes and go inside to take control.

When the cookie asks who he is, Jake explains that he is the milkman tasked with delivering milk to all the hostages. The hostage taker lets him in. Inside, Finn informs Jake of his plan. After Jake gives out bottles of milk, Finn tells him to yell out "Alvin's hot juice box!" to confuse the hostage taker when throwing the milk at the cookie at the last hostage delivery. This plan was soon rendered useless because the cookie has backups: his chocolate chips. Finn then proceeds to the backroom to dispose of the chocolate chips while Jake asks the cookie what is wrong.

The cookie then reveals that he lived at the Candy Orphanage, where the orphans were always depressed. One day, Princess Bubblegum came and cheered up the orphans. When she asks Baby Snaps (the name the cookie said he was referred as) what he wants to be, he replied "I want to be a Princess!" He then reveals that he said that so he could cheer up and help children. When Princess Bubblegum heard this, she giggled, thinking the response was cute. Baby Snaps took it seriously, as an insult. The scene then flashes forward to the present. In an attempt to console Baby Snaps. Jake then tells Baby Snaps that Princess Bubblegum did not let him be a mailman, but instead made him into a milkman. Then, the story flashes to the storeroom, where a chocolate chip is seen turning out a children's nightlight. Finn is then seen ambushing the Chocolate Chip, screaming "Alvin's hot juice box!"

Baby Snaps is then seen radioing the Chocolate Chips, but all of them are knocked unconscious, as Finn took them all out. The Cookie then throws the radio on the ground, crushing it and screaming "I'm about to flip out, man, and take that crown!" After seeing this, Jake replies that he does not have to be in the Candy Kingdom, he can leave and start a Cookie Kingdom and be Princess Cookie. Baby Snaps is surprised by this, and calms down. Jake then exits the Market, and asks Bubblegum for a horse, so Princess Cookie can leave. Bubblegum replies, "No," and says that he is a criminal that must be put in jail for the rest of his life.

After going back in, the scene then flashes to later when Princess Cookie and Jake are seen outside with Bubblegum and a Banana Guard in a horse costume. Jake yells out that the horse is a trick, turns himself into a horse, and carries Princess Cookie away. They are then seen running through the Cotton Candy Forest. Finn then appears in Jake's shadow and asks him what he is doing. Jake replies that he is helping Princess Cookie achieve his dream. He then asks if he is with him or not, and Finn replies not. Jake then pushes him off of himself and dashes away from him.

Princess Cookie then tells Jake to stop, but Jake says they're going to jump the Candy Gorge. Princess Cookie then forcefully stops Jake. After stopping him, Princess Cookie says that he cannot do this. The Banana Guards are seen closing in. Princess Cookie then willingly falls into the gorge in an attempt to end his life. The Banana Guard is then seen taking pictures of Princess Cookie who is very much alive, but is smashed into many pieces. Princess Cookie then yells: "I glubbed up!" The scene then flashes to the Candy Kingdom Mental Hospital. Princess Cookie and Candy Person are playing chess. Jake then comes in and says that there is a delivery from the Grass Kingdom: a crown. Princess Cookie takes it and places it on his head signifying his transition into royalty as Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum watch on. The other people at the hospital then bow down to Princess Cookie and the episode ends.


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  • The Candy Kingdom's military technology seems to have advanced significantly since "Susan Strong." The largest improvement being the addition of candy helicopters mounted with advanced weaponry and two gunners with candy rifles.
  • There are posters in the mental hospital saying things like "Stay Calm," "'You'r [sic] Special," "Don't Run," and "Be Happy."
  • This episode was rerated TV-PG-V. When it aired on TV in 2018, the rating came back to TV-PG, but on Hulu it still has the V sub-rating.
  • Princess Bubblegum and Peppermint Butler appear to not have physically changed since the visit to the orphanage, despite Baby Snaps and his clear difference in age.
  • A candy kid similar to Peppermint Butler is seen in the orphanage when Baby Snaps is telling his story.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Jake has always wanted to be a mailman.

Cultural references

  • The double-rotor transport helicopter is similar to a Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight or a CH-47 Chinook. It can be seen equipped with two 40mm cannons and quadricycle landing gear.
  • The children's Baby Snuggleghost nightlight is a parody of Hasbro Playskool's Glo-Worm.
  • The sign in the hospital saying "You're Special!" has a reference to the book in the post-apocalyptic, RPG game named Fallout 3.

Episode connections


  • After Baby Snaps tells Princess Bubblegum he wants to be a princess, she raises her left hand to laugh. However, in the next clip, one can see the same hand around Baby Snaps as if it never moved. In the next clip, Princess Bubblegum's right arm disappears.
  • Cable providers (Dish Network, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, etc.) mistakenly named the episode "Princess Cookies."
  • When Finn tells Jake to throw milk in Princess Cookie's face, there is one tooth on the far left and two on the far right. His teeth are reversed when the scene is focused on his mouth.
  • Goliad and Stormo seem to be on a different tower this time.
  • Things inside the store seem to change throughout the episode.
  • There was no patient sitting below the "You'r special" poster when Jake first entered the room.
  • At the end, Doctor Princess is there but when Jake puts on the crown on Princess Cookie, Doctor Princess is gone.
  • When bowing down to Baby Snaps, the Royal Tart Toter's teeth are red.
  • The Snail is seen in Baby Snaps' flashback in the orphanage possessed by The Lich, even though the Snail couldn't be possessed because the flashback took place a long time ago before Mortal Folly.

Production notes

  • The title card music is slightly mixed in with the same music used at the end of the episode "Donny."



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