The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Princess Chewypaste is a character mentioned in Issue 5 of the Adventure Time comic series. In Issue 5, Finn and Jake join in a competition to see who can walk further in an a straight line in order to determine who gets to eat BMO's cupcake.

They end up meeting a strange boy named Adventure Tim, who seems to be an odd combination of both Finn and Jake. Adventure Tim claims to have a variety of friends and nemeses that are the odd counterparts of the original Adventure Time cast; including Princess Chewypaste (Princess Bubblegum), a video game named ALN (BMO), Lady Unibow (Lady Rainicorn), the evil Mice King (Ice King), and the villainous Loch (the Lich). The Duke of Limesnatch (Earl of Lemongrab), Topiary Nose (Tree Trunks), and Mow-Me (Me-Mow) are also mentioned. She has pale red hair in a ponytail by a headband with a gold crown with a turquoise-green gem, she usually wears a pale-red dress with dark red collar and sash along with dark red pumps.

Princess Chewypaste is described as being 'lawful good' on the chart Adventure Tim used to describe the Mice King.


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