Princess Bubblegum Bot (called P-bot) is a robot Princess Bubblegum creates in "The Suitor" for Braco to be with. P-Bot is seen being created throughout the episode. Princess Bubblegum originally intends to give P-bot a real soul from a soul stone, but she instead opts to use a "much easier to manipulate" synthetic one. P-Bot sounds exactly like her creator.


P-bot looks almost exactly like Princess Bubblegum, wearing her usual gown. The only noticeable differences are the bolts on her limbs' joints and that she is barefooted.



P-Bot, her sole purpose finding someone to be with, holds interest in Braco. She goes with him after being introduced to each other.

Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum is P-Bot's Candy Person look-alike and creator.


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