Princess Bubblegum's concert is a public concert performed by Princess Bubblegum that anyone could come and listen to. Cinnamon Bun called off the concert because it was ruined by Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks' public display of affection.

Princess Bubblegum played both traditional and non-traditional percussion instruments. She used two drumstick-like objects—a rule and a rubber plexor—to hit a portable electric organ, test tubes, and vials. She also hit the drumsticks together to make music while sitting on a large drum.

Finn added to the song a little bit by beat-boxing, and Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig danced to the music. Peppermint Butler filmed it by placing a video camera on top of BMO. Jake called the concert a "music science thing." The audience sat on bleachers that resembled Cosmic Brownies.




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