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Princess Bubblegum's Castle (also known as The Candy Castle) is the home of Princess Bubblegum and former home of the King of Ooo. It is located in the center of the Candy Kingdom, between the Rock Candy Mountains.


The castle includes red pathways, tall, bent towers, and the central tower, which is straight and wider than the others. It is cream colored, like vanilla ice cream, and has been seen dripping. It also has a moat, that has been shown filled many times. Two large statues, called the Guardians of the Royal Promise, sit near the castle blowing bubbles, and try to protect the kingdom when otherwise needed. The castle has a drawbridge (which is a piece of toast with jam on it) in the front, and leads into a courtyard as seen in "The Duke." The castle was

The top of PB's castle

the location of the party in "Slumber Party Panic." One of the narrow towers appeared in "The Enchiridion!," when its watchtower was destroyed by Cinnamon Bun, who was attempting to do a back flip. It is unknown if the watchtower was rebuilt. In "Ricardio the Heart Guy," when Finn and Jake enter Princess Bubblegum's castle door, two sculptures of Finn and Jake are shown at both sides of the door, both built with a muscular body. In "Go With Me," the portcullis is revealed to be made of pretzels. The castle is surrounded by lollipops.

The castle at night


Numerous rooms and secret passages of Princess Bubblegum's Castle have been shown throughout all seasons of the show.

Amber prison

This room only appears in "Mortal Folly" and "The Suitor". It is located inside the tree on top of the castle. The Lich was held in it before escaping.

Princess Bubblegum's Bedroom

This was shown in "Mortal Recoil" when Princess Bubblegum was put in there to rest. It is pink and purple themed and has several hearts on the wall. There are two large windows on either side of her large bed, and in front of each a small pink tree is placed. The room also contains what seems to be a computer and a glass cupboard with two crowns in it, but the rest of her bedroom consists of pink cabinets. There is also a bathroom leading off the right-hand side of Princess Bubblegum's bedroom. In the bathroom, there is a bathtub, sink, and toilet.

Grand Hall

The grand hall was first introduced in "Slumber Party Panic" as the "party room." It has a high ceiling, a large carpet in the front, and two large front doors. It can hold all of the candy citizens. There are shuttered windows lining the sides of the hall. There is also a closet-like room shown in "Slumber Party Panic," which Jake and Lady Rainicorn squeezed into to play 7 minutes in heaven.

Also in "Slumber Party Panic," Princess Bubblegum and Finn go into a side room adjacent to the Grand Hall to discuss the zombies. This room does not have any lights, but it is clear enough to see.

Princess Bubblegum's Office

In "Bun Bun", it is shown that Princess Bubblegum maintains an office, which she presumably uses to conduct official bussiness as the Candy Kingdom's Head of State. Cinnamon Bun is seen visiting her in this room on diplomatic bussiness.


In "Slumber Party Panic," Finn and Princess Bubblegum go into another room to figure out the decorpsinator serum. This room is white, has cupboards and counters, a "science shower," supposedly for spills, and there are beakers and test tubes everywhere. There is also a chalkboard in the room. The door into the laboratory is made of "candy steel," as stated by Jake in "From Bad to Worse," when he, Lady Rainicorn, Lumpy Space Princess and Finn were trapped in the lab by candy zombies.

Secret room

Secret room in PB's castle

In "The Enchiridion!," Princess Bubblegum and Finn go into a secret room through the bottom of the Candy Castle. The room has blue glowing spots on its walls. The same room is seen in "Death in Bloom" when Finn and Jake are playing and taking care of the Princess Plant. In "Mortal Folly" it is were the princess keeps The Gauntlet of the Hero.



In "Death in Bloom," Finn and Jake enter the Land of the Dead through the nursery, the room where they leave the Princess Plant after killing it. It has a mobile, a stackable-rings toy, and other items related to child care.

(Possibly) Princess Bubblegum's tea room

In "The Duke," Princess Bubblegum and Dr. Ice Cream are seen in a colorful room with a lot of the princess's pictures in it. There are a few pictures of Finn in the room, shown below.

PB's picture of Finn in her tea room

Another picture of Finn in PB's tea room

There is also a green teapot in the room. There are vases and jars with colored candies in them and a long carpet. Outside of the room, there is a banner with a small symbol on it. However, the symbol could be a tassel.


In "The Duke," a hallway can be seen. It has an orange color scheme, possibly due to candlelight.

The inside of the tree

Parts of the inside of the tree on top of Bubblegum's castle are shown in some episodes. The tree contains rooms composed entirely of branches and twigs, from the ceiling and walls to the floor. The walls curve smoothly into the ceiling and floors, which make the rooms look more like hollowed-out spaces in the tree.

In "Mortal Folly," Princess Bubblegum reveals that the inside of the tree stores The Lich, sealed away in amber after being taken down by the hero Billy. He subsequently escaped after possessing the waving snail, who opened a crack that allowed for its release. To prevent brainwashing while near to the Lich in the tree, Princess Bubblegum wore her jeweled crown and gave Finn and Jake their own jewels. This is also the location where the waving snail became possessed by the Lich. It was also in the tree were Peppermint Butler summoned the demon Ogdoad in a dark magic ritual in the episode "The Suitor."

The wall

S1e5 castle secret entrance.png

In "What Have You Done?," Princess Bubblegum says the secret word "Ttubllaw" and Stonesy appears. It asks for the password and Princess Bubblegum tickles its cheek. It opens and leads to a dungeon.

Secret dungeon

In "What Have You Done?," there are a lot of secret doors and secret passages that lead to this dungeon. From this episode, Jake said "Wow, there's a lot of secret doors in this place."


Tumblr n03gzukI6U1t0t09yo2 1280.jpg

In "Rattleballs," Princess Bubblegum is shown preparing eggs in a possible kitchen in her castle.

Burrito Room

A room that is never seen but is mentioned in The Pajama War.

Expanded list of inhabitants


  • In "Seventeen", the word "Senescence" is written over the arch of the Grand Hall's doorway. Senescence is the process of becoming old. It is unknown whether or not this is unique to this episode, as this is seen during Finn's seventeenth birthday party.