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Princess Beautiful is a princess who first appears in "To Cut a Woman's Hair." Finn digs up her grave in search of princess hair, but discovers that her tombstone reads, "Here lies Princess Beautiful. She was so beautiful, but died of baldness." For some unexplained reason, Princess Beautiful turns out to be undead. She thanks Finn for freeing her and walks away. Like most minor princesses in Ooo, it is unknown what kingdom she rules.


Princess Beautiful is a skeleton that wears a long, dark blue-grey dress with puffy sleeves, maroon detail and maroon gloves. She wears a gold, three-pronged crown with a purple gem in the top of the middle prong. She has no hair because she died of baldness.


  • She is one of the people who needs to be rescued in the Adventure Time iPhone app game "Rock Bandits".
  • According to Cartoon Network Latin America, her worst fear is hungry dogs and her most wanted wish is a pampering hair dresser.
  • As she did not appear in "Princess Day" she might be one of the few unregistered princesses mentioned to exist. However, this could possibly be due to her death, as she could've been registered while alive.
  • In Cartoon Network UK's "Frosty Fight" game, she is called "Beautiful Princess". However, the princess that is shown in the level is actually Skeleton Princess. Her thumbnail on the level select screen remains the same.


Hi, Finn.

(As Finn searches for her hair) What, what are you—please stop.

Thanks, Finn.