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This article is about Prince Huge. You may be looking for King Huge.

Prince Huge, formerly the The Mega Frog is the main antagonist of the episode "The Hard Easy." He is a prince who somehow turned into a frog and could not turn back into himself unless kissed.

During the episode, he would kidnap and harass the Woobeewoo Villagers in an attempt to kiss them. Finn and Jake eventually sought after him in order to stop his reign of terror, eventually fighting him and facing him in combat. During their fight, Finn realized that the way to defeat him would be by kissing him, which he did. This caused the beast to turn back into Prince Huge, thanking Finn for assisting him.


Prince Huge appears to be a huge and buff man similar to Muscle Prince who wears a dark pink lute suit, an odd shade of blue jester shoes, a crown and a short cane. Also, his skin color is gray, and he has short black hair.

In his Mega Frog form, he appeared to be a giant humanoid frog with a round body, a tiny round head, and thin limbs.


As the Mega Frog, he is a feral creature that sought out to find the person that would give him a kiss and turn him back to normal.

As Prince Huge, he is a friendly, polite, and respectful person. He thanks Finn after Finn kisses him to restore him to his natural form, acknowledging that he does not "know a lot of dudes who'd do that to help a guy out," to which Finn replies, "whatevs." He respects Finn for doing this for him. The prince appears to have a cheerful and jolly disposition. He prides himself on his attractiveness, jubilantly hollering "I'm HOT again!" after Finn transforms him back into his normal body.



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