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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Prince Gumball is the gender-swapped version of Princess Bubblegum. He was originally created after the gender-swapped characters were introduced in series of drawings and comics, and then they were featured in the season 3 episode "Fionna and Cake," in which it is revealed that the characters only exist in fanfiction written by the Ice King. Like Princess Bubblegum, Prince Gumball also has his own loyal companion, Lord Monochromicorn. Just as Princess Bubblegum can understand Lady's Korean, Prince Gumball can understand Lord Monochromicorn's Morse code. At some point it seemed like Prince Gumball had shown romantic feelings for Fionna, but that was actually the Ice Queen in disguise all along. Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee have their romantic relationship, and he is currently Marshall Lee's boyfriend.

In the spin-off sequel series Fionna & Cake, it was revealed that many characters from the original series, including and especially the ones from the Fionna and Cake episodes are real in an secret alternate reality created by Prismo who hid the world in the mind of Ice King but they were turned into non-magical and human versions of themselves following Ice King reverting back to Simon Petrikov in "Come Along With Me". His human version is called Gary Prince, working as a barista and pastry chef in the Beatrice Buttler's bakery, who unfortunately despises his candy creations.

In the episode "The Winter King" he expresses his desire to open his own store, which prompts Marshall Lee to call the powerful investors The Lemoncarbs to finance his project, but unfortunately they rejected his work. Gary later helped Marshall escape his overbearing mother, leading to their romantic relationship, and he is currently Marshall's boyfriend.


Prince Gumball has the same color scheme as his female counterpart. He has pink skin and his hair is somewhat in a coiffe. His head is adorned with a small golden crown and a blue jewel. He wears a hot pink shirt with the top being purple along with light pink puffed sleeves and magenta slits. He also has magenta under-sleeves (accompanied by dark-pink sleeve cuffs) and a large matching collar with a small blue jewel inside a gold crest on it. He has a belt with another golden crest and a small blue jewel design on the buckle, dark-pink trousers with purple seams running down the sides, and indigo-violet dress shoes. In the Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake episode Prismo the Wishmaster, Prince Gumball is shown to be wearing a red and white Ermine cape with his usual dark pink regal outfit in one of Prismo's flashbacks. Unlike his female counterpart, he has visible pink eyebrows. Also, when his eyes enlarge, they are shown as purple.

In his human version in Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, his color palette is more akin to Natasha Allegri's concept art, where his skin is peach-colored and his pink hair isn't as bright. He first appears in a pale yellow turtleneck, a teal apron, white dress pants, magenta socks, and brown dress shoes. In the opening sequence, Fionna is shown helping him dye his hair pink; its natural color is red.


Prince Gumball is the beloved ruler of the Candy Kingdom. He loves almost all Candy People. Much like his female counterpart, he is very proper and intelligent. However, his fascination is with baking and cooking instead of science (though the two are related in some ways). His personality is a little bit different from her's in a few other ways. According to Adam Muto, he is "not necessarily as authoritarian as Princess Bubblegum or as together and commanding." [2]

Episode appearances[]

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Fionna had shown romantic feelings for Prince Gumball. He asked her out (as "pals") to his Biennial Gumball Ball, but the Ice Queen captured him and took his place. After the (Ice Queen) Gumball leads Fionna into his bedroom, a drop of water lands on Fionna's shoulder, leading to her discovery of the prince's capture. She saves him, which leads to Gumball being impressed.

FNC S01E01 1088

In Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, he claims to have known her "forever," implying that they've been friends for a long time. In the opening sequence, he bakes her a birthday cake, and she helps him dye his hair pink. He was worried when she disappeared and called her and she answered (while she was in (Winterworld) and told him who Marshall was. After she returns, she was happy to see that he was now dating Marshall and told him about her journey through the Multiverse. He was initially skeptical about her stories of their universe, until he witnesses Cake talk and use her powers. He then became fascinated when she informed him of how he was originally a candy prince and by her travels.

Lord Monochromicorn[]

Lord Monochromicorn is Prince Gumball's trusty steed, like how Lady Rainicorn is Princess Bubblegum's royal steed. He transports Prince Gumball when racing Fionna and Cake. They appear to be as close as Fionna and Cake.


S3e9 JustAsFriends

Gumball and Cake get along with Cake even encouraging Fionna to romantically pursue him, during her crush on him.

In Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, he tried to assure Fionna while she was searching for Cake and gave advice. Gary expresses concern about Fionna's sudden disappearance, Marshall assuages him by saying that it's something she does regularly.

After Fionna returns and reveals the truth of their world, Fionna's stories about multiversal travel left Gary skeptical until he witnesses Cake reveal her powers and ability to talk, shocking him. He tried to process her being magic and not a robot cat. She and Fionna told him and Gary about their travels, leaving them amazed especially when they heard their old lives. When he and Marshall were worried about if they'd still be together, Cake tries to comfort them but ends up causing further grief by telling them there is a world where their counterparts were at war and trying to kill each other.

Ice Queen[]

Ice Queen tries effortlessly to capture and marry the prince. Her most targeted prince is Prince Gumball as he is her main love interest and competes with Fionna, just like how Ice King's most targeted princess is Princess Bubblegum.

Marshall Lee[]

Since all appearances of Marshall Lee and Gumball have been fanfictions told by different people; it is unclear if the portrayal is supposed to be consistent or if it simply varies with each author. For instance, Gunter portrays them as friends, whereas they treat each other passive-aggressively in Marceline's telling; this is thought of as Marceline self projecting her own relationship into the story.

As seen in "Five Short Tables"[]

S07E35 Gumball's regret

Marshall being the biggest regret of Gumball

In "Fionna and Cake" Marshall does seem to be invited to the Biennial Gumball Ball. In "Five Short Tables", it was revealed when Butterscotch Butler prying on Gumball's insecurities that his biggest regret involved Marshall Lee.

As seen in "Bad Little Boy"[]

Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball are shown to be about on the same terms as Princess Bubblegum and Marceline in "Bad Little Boy." Prince Gumball called Marshall Lee "impolite company" and went back inside when Fionna chose to talk to Marshall Lee instead of him.

As seen in the Fionna and Cake comics[]

Lee and Gumball are depicted as close friends and are stated to spend time with each other on a regular basis, often together with Fionna. Fionna thinks they are "cute pals" and in one scene she and Cake mistakenly assume that they are about to confess being a couple.

As seen in Gumball's Masquerade[]

Marshal and Gumball

It is revealed in this chapter that the two are currently friends, but their relationship is complicated due to Marshall Lee's tendency to pull pranks on Prince Gumball. Prince Gumball invites Marshall Lee to his masquerade "out of politeness" despite declaring the day before that he doesn't want to see him again, and also makes up excuses to Butterscotch Butler for why they shouldn't turn Marshall Lee away at the door now that he's been invited.

This chapter also implies that the two have unfulfilled romantic feelings for each other, as Marshall Lee accuses Prince Gumball of "messing with his head" by inviting him to a party he didn't want him to attend. The two also share a somber moment in which they wonder if they're still friends despite their differences, and after their hands accidentally touch, it appears that the two are about to confess something before being interrupted by Butterscotch Butler, who misinterprets the two being alone as Marshall Lee attempting to feed off of Prince Gumball due to her paranoia toward Marshall Lee.

In Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake[]

Despite being the same people as their previous Adventure Time counterparts, it is revealed through Marshall Lee that the two have not yet met each other in the revised universe, as he did not know about Gary/Prince Gumball's bakery. It is possible that they knew each other before Simon became human again, and simply lost their memories twelve years ago in much the same way Fionna had forgotten about all of her magical adventures.

They officially meet in the episode "The Winter King" when Gary (human version of Prince Gumball) sees Marshall Lee (human version of Marshall Lee) in Fionna's apartment. When Marshall Lee realizes that Gary is the one who made the bag of biscuit men, he decides to go with Gary to help out with his shopping for ingredients. At one point, Gary blushes when Marshall Lee compliments his activities. Marshall Lee also blushes when picking up the last of the supplies and secretly asks his mother to set up a meeting with the Lemoncarbs (human gender-swapped versions of the Lemongrabs) to try to help Gary achieve his dreams of opening up his own bakery, but this backfires when the Lemoncarbs reveal that while the pastries taste nice, they hate their faces. Gary tells Marshall Lee that it's good they came when they did because he would have fiddled with the recipe forever.

F&C S1E7 Gumlee Kiss

Marshall Lee and Gary kiss in the elevator at Ms. Abadeer's Blood Drive and Charity Ball

They appear together again in "The Star," where Gary accompanies Marshall at Ms. Abadeer's Blood Drive and Charity Ball. It is revealed that attending the ball and rejoining the family business was a condition of the favor Marshall asked of his mother in the previous episode. Marshall seems apprehensive about the event, but Gary tries to be supportive. Meanwhile, Marshall tries to conceal his discomfort and encourages Gary to mingle with investors. Gary reacts with dismay when he realizes that Marshall sacrificed his own freedom and happiness on his behalf, and decides to stand up to Ms. Abadeer. Marshall warns him that opposing his mother could cost Gary his career, to which Gary replies, "You deserve better than anything that creep could do for me." He then takes Marshall's hand and they run to the elevator, where they share a kiss before it closes.

As seen in “Casper & Nova”, they are still dating and are holding hands until Fionna returned and informs them of her trip. After seeing Cake, they listened to their stories of their old lives. Gary was notably scared when Fiona revealed that Marshall was previously a vampire but stated he would still date him regardless. Both he and Marshall were worried on whether they would still be together once their world was restored to the way it was stating they just got together. He was quite horrified to discover in another world he and Marshall were enemies trying to kill one another.

Butterscotch Butler[]

Butterscotch Butler serves as Prince Gumball's rival in a board game, who usually wins by accounting for his insecurities, which she reads from Gumball's unprotected diary. They most likely have a relationship similar to the one between Princess Bubblegum and Peppermint Butler.

Butterscotch Butler is protective of Prince Gumball in "Gumball's Masquerade," believing that Marshall Lee has malicious intentions toward him and attempting to keep them apart throughout the chapter.

In "Fionna Campbell", she is Gary's chief critic.


  • Unlike Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's relationship, which in Marceline is the only one to call her by her first name, Marshall Lee is never shown to even call him by "Prince Gumball". In the show, he simply calls him either a sarcastic "your majesty" or a wad.
    • In the comics, he typically just calls him Gumball or "PG."
  • His name was changed from "Prince Blowpop" to "Prince Gumball" because "Blow Pop" is a brand name.[2]. However, the name is still used in some older comics and pictures prior to the name change.
    • Natasha Allegri once suggested "Bubba" as his first name[3], but this was never confirmed in any formal capacity.
  • Not counting a technicality with Neptr, he, Lumpy Space Prince, Muscle Prince, Turtle Prince, Flame Prince, and Prince Huge are currently the only princes to appear in the show.
  • Artwork by Natasha Allegri shows that he enjoys baking, as does the fact he makes cream puffs for Fionna and Cake in "Bad Little Boy." It seems that baking is his main hobby, unlike Princess Bubblegum, who is more into science.
    • This is expanded upon in Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, where he works in a bakery and aspires to manage his own business. As opposed to being scientific experiments, the candy people (or pastry menschen in this case) are confection-based characters he created.
    • Ice King states in The Adventure Time Encyclopædia that Prince Gumball likes science.
  • Unlike Princess Bubblegum, he has visible.ears and eyebrows.
  • He appears to have the same jewel as Princess Bubblegum, though unlike Princess Bubblegum's tiara, his jewel is inside of the crown.
  • There was a "Pet Society" costume of Prince Gumball.
  • He was erroneously credited as "Prince Bubblegum" in the credits for "Five Short Tables".

Appearances in other media[]

Names in other languages[]

  • His Norwegian name is Prins Honning, which translates to Prince Honey.
  • His Latin American Spanish name is Dulce Príncipe, which translates to Sweet Prince.
  • His European Spanish name is Príncipe Chicle, which translates to Prince Gum or Prince Bubblegum.
  • His Brazilian and Portuguese name is Principe Chiclete, which translates to Prince Gumball (Prince Bubblegum).
  • His Italian name is Principe Gommoroso, which translates to Prince Pink Gum.
  • His Swedish name is Prins Gumball, which translates to Prince Gumball.
  • His French name is Prince Boule de Gomme, which translates to Prince Gumdrop,
  • His Arabic name is الأمير غامبول, which translates to Prince Gumball.
  • His Turkish name is Prens Gumball, which translates to Prince Gumball.
  • His Polish name is Balonowy Książę, which translates to Balloon Prince.
  • His Russian name is Принц Жвачка, which translates to Prince Bubblegum.
  • His Bulgarian name is принц дъвкослад. It is a mixture from the words дъвка (which means chewing gum) and сладък (which means sweet). The translation of the name, if the two words were separated, would be Prince Sweeet Chewing Gum.
  • His German name is Prinz Gummball, which translates to Prince Gumball.
  • His Dutch name is Prins Gombal, which translates to Prince Gumball.
  • His Romanian name is Prinţul Gumball, which translates to Prince Gumball.
  • His Hungarian name is Gumball Herceg , which translates to Prince Gumball.


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