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Before there was time, before there was anything, there was nothing. And before there was nothing, there were monsters.

—"Adventure Time, S6 E26, Gold Stars"

Primordial Monsters, also known as the Primordials or the Sea of Golden Monsters, are giant monsters that existed before the nothingness void the universe was made of before the Big-Bang. After space and time came into existence, these monsters wreaked havoc across the universe. They serve as the major antagonists throughout the show.


In the episode "Gold Stars", The Lich temporarily regained his consciousness within Sweet P's body due to the torment that was being inflicted upon him by King of Ooo and Toronto. Once taking back control, he gave the two men a speech about what existence before time and space began. He forced them to witness the sea of monsters that once inhabited the nothingness of the universe as they reached for the two men.


These monsters all appear to have alien biology. The most notable trait that most of these monsters possess is their golden color. Other common physical traits among these monsters include eyes, mouths filled with teeth, and arms with what appears to be hands. In the episode that they debuted in, the monsters could be heard making loud thundering screeches, which sounds similar to that of modern depictions of Dinosaurs.

After the universe came into existence, these monsters reigned terror across many planets that life existed in, as seen with Orgalorg and Coconteppi. Both of these creatures desire to see other life throughout the universe suffer, as quoted by Orgalorg when talking about his reasoning for wanting the power of the Purple Comet and as demonstrated by Coconteppi when he asked Cadebra if she was attempting to give him a reason for why life is worth preserving.

Primordial Monsters possess superpowers and magical abilities, as seen with Orgalorg with his supernatural durability, ability to create holograms, flight through space, and capability of absorbing a Catalyst Comet.

Notable Primordial Monsters[]

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Orgalorg, also known as the Breaker of Worlds, was one of the many Primordial Monsters that reigned terror across many different planets (most notably the unnamed swampy planet). Orgalorg eventually came into a contact with a Catalyst Comet and attempted to absorb its power. He failed to do so, and was banished to Earth by Grob Gob Glob Grod. This banishment caused his body to turn into a penguin-like being that became known as Gunter.

Gunter would one day crack his head open and remember who he truly was. He would then regain his old body and attempt to absorb another Comet, but would once again fail.


Coconteppi was a Primordial Monster that died millions of years ago on Earth. His corpse exists underneath Wizard City, where he was worshipped by a cult lead by Dr. Caledonius. His essence continued to live on in his decaying heart filled with purple liquid. He would eventually be resurrected into the body of Peppermint Butler, causing him to become Pepperminteppi. Soon after this, he was defeated by Cadebra.
The Lich
The Lich also known as The Last Scholar of GOLB was a Primordial Monster. The Lich is the current incarnation of the green catalyst comet. His essence was deposited on Earth millions of years before the show's start via a catalyst comet but came into physical being near the end of the Mushroom War via The Mushroom Bomb. He was defeated once by Billy and then imprisoned in amber inside The Candy Kingdom but escapes in "Mortal Folly" and possesses a snail.

He fought many times with Finn, but suffered a devestating defeat at the end of the battel of the Citadel, where he was turned into Sweet P (Sweet Pig-trunks) and was latter raised by Tree Trunks and Mr.Pig and would go on to live for 1000+ years.


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  • Primordials existed before the concept of life and death. Given this, it can be assumed that the essences of the Primordial Monsters continue to exist even if their bodies are dead. This explains why none of the Primordials were seen in any of the Dead Worlds (even though Coconteppi's body and itself are considered to be dead).
  • In the episode "Escape from the Citadel", The Lich refers the former Citadel Prisoners as "Ancients", which may imply that they are Primordial Monsters. This is supported by the fact that only beings who have committed "Cosmic Crimes" end up in this prison, and given Primordial Monster's generally evil nature and disregard for other living beings, its likely that they would more than likely end up there.