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President Porpoise is a character that appeared in "Burning Low" and "President Porpoise is Missing" and who web chats with Jake.


He is a deep sky blue porpoise dolphin. In the episode "Burning Low" he wears a black bowtie, while in the episode "President Porpoise is Missing!" he wears a red bowtie.



Jake and President Porpoise seem to be good friends. When BMO told Jake that President Porpoise wanted to video chat, Jake was very excited. President Porpoise, based on his actions, seemed happy to see Jake as well.

Vice President Blowfish

The Vice President and President Porpoise do not seem to like each other very much. When President Porpoise went missing, it was law that if he was not found by 5:00, the Vice President would take his place. Knowing this, the Vice President made no effort to help search for him.


  • In the original pitch board, Lady Rainicorn was the one who was on BMO's screen.
  • Despite being a porpoise, he looks and sounds more like a dolphin.