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Power rings appear in the episode "My Two Favorite People." The Forest Wizard gives them out for free to Lady Rainicorn, Finn, and some Party Bears. Finn's rings are cursed and could not be taken off at the time, but Finn seemingly finds a way to remove them.


Most of the rings are gold with colorful gems of various shapes set in them. They project various tiny images such as fire, a pinwheel, a red planet, and a pillar of yellow smoke. When all brought together, Finn's power rings produce a large blue flame.


  • Given that there are power rings on so many fingers, for both Finn and Lady Rainicorn, this may be a reference to Mandarin's rings, Mandarin being a nemesis of Iron Man. However, Finn and Lady Rainicorn's rings are far less aggressive and more subtle than Mandarin's, probably because they are more like toys, if the wizard would give them to anyone.
  • Power rings also make an appearance in Righteous Quest 2. Collecting all 10 power rings allows the player to enter the Ice Kingdom and acquire the Ultimate Wizard power.
  • Lady Rainicorn managed to wear the rings despite having no fingers because of her ability to phase through solid objects.
  • The rings Finn had on his fingers produced little sounds (one of them is from the PlayStation game "Tom & Jerry: in House Trap." [citation needed])