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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Power Animal" from season 2, which aired on November 22, 2010.

This transcript is complete.


[The story begins with Finn climbing a ladder to the top of the Tree Fort while carrying a bag of chips in his right arm. Party music plays in the background.]
Finn: You got that cooler, buddy?
Jake: Yup!
Finn: Good, 'cause we're gonna need it for this... ROOF PARTY! [Camera zooms out to show party; everyone cheers.] Watch this, everybody! Triple flip with chips for the dip! [Does a triple somersault and throws the bag of chips into a bowl]
Jake: Watch this, everybody! A cooler! With stuff... for the thing! [Accidentally drops cooler and laughs, embarrassed. Everyone cheers; someone says "Party!"]
Cinnamon Bun: Finn, you always focus an endless amount of energy on everything you do.
Jake: What about me? What do I focus my energy on, Cinnamon Bun?
Cinnamon Bun: Uh, Jake... you don't really focus at all.
[Jake is seen stuffing an ice cream cone into a toaster for some reason, distracted.]
Jake: Huh? [Pushes down toaster lever]
Cinnamon Bun: I said you don't FOCUS AT ALL! Hey, Finn, do another flip.
Finn: [Does so] YUP! YAH!
Cinnamon Bun: Hahaha!! You're a dynamo, Finn!!
[A stranger comes up behind Finn.]
[The stranger touches Finn.]
Stranger: "Never slow down?"
Finn: Whoa. Dude, can you, like, get offa' me?
Stranger: [Does so] Do you think your energy could be used to power a huge machine?
Finn: I guess so, man. [The stranger chuckles deviously and backs away slowly. Finn looks freaked out and goes back to Jake who is dancing.] Hey, Jake [Jake stops dancing.] Your friend is super weird, dude.
[The stranger is shown eating dip with his bare hands and laughing sinisterly.]
Jake: I thought he was your friend.
Princess Bubblegum: It's starting, everyone! The celestial alignment!
[Everyone observes the event with awe. Scene shifts to after the party; Finn and Jake are cleaning up. Scene shifts again to Finn and Jake's bedroom where they're getting ready for bed.]
Finn: [Full of energy] Jake! That party was super fun! [Bounces on bed]
Jake: Man, I'm sleepy. [Yawns]
Finn: Then go to sleep, man!
[Jake is again shown stuffing an ice cream cone into a toaster.]
Jake: Huh? Oh, yeah, right. [Walks to his bed yawning] Goodnight, homie.
Finn: [Stops bouncing] Hyump! Ahh! [Blows out candle] Goodnight, hamlet. [Exhales sleepily]
[The stranger is shown outside of the treehouse. Finn is shown sleeping and then is kidnapped by the stranger. Scene shifts to the next morning; a rooster crows. Jake is sleeping and his gut punches him awake.]
Jake: Hrrnf!! Ahh... What? [Stomach rumbles.] Alright, alright, you old gut. [Stretches] Oh, I'm sluggin' it today... [Rolls out of bed] Wake up, Finn. Got a busy day ahead of us. Finn? Hmm. Hmmmmm.
[Jake tries to figure out where Finn could've gone but ends up singing "Where Is Finn?" The scene changes to a dark room; Finn has his hands tied behind his back, his foot is chained to a nail in the ground and his head is covered with a potato sack.]
Stranger's voice: Welcome, Finn.
Finn: Huh? [Turns in the direction of the voice; his face is uncovered and he spits out a potato.] UNTIE ME SO I CAN BEAT YOU WITH THAT SACK!! [Stranger reveals himself and chuckles; Finn gasps] You're that—
Stranger: Yes, the charismatic stranger from last night! Also... [Reveals himself to be three Gnomes] the Grand Master of the Gnomes!
Gnomes: Hup! Hup! Hup!
Gnome Ruler: And... [Room lights up a bit] ruler of the Beneathaverse!
Finn: [Casually] 'S pretty nice. Hey, why don't you guys just untie me, and we can pretend this whole thing didn't happen?
Gnome Ruler: Oh, no! I've been searching all over Ooo for the perfect power source! A living dynamo! Something that... never slows down.
Finn: Uh-oh.
Gnome Ruler: And last night, I finally found—
Finn: [Deadpan] It's me.
Gnome Ruler: Yes!! It's you!! You will have the great honor of powering the Upturnoverdrive!
Finn: That does what now?
Gnome Ruler: It will flip over the entire world! Then we'll be the ones on top, buddy!
Gnome Ruler: Yes, but the engineering is very sound.
Finn: [Picked up by four Gnomes] Huh?
Gnome Ruler: Your energies will be harnessed by our most advanced technology. The Cyclonic Rodentarod!
Finn: Ha! You may have captured me... Hugh! [Forces his hands in front of him] ...but you can't make me run! [A Gnome shocks Finn with a taser and Finn runs.] Ow! Well... you can't make me run very fast. [Finn is shocked again and he runs more quickly.] OW!! Jake's on his way to mess you guys [Being shocked again] UUUOOOOAAAHH!!
[Scene cuts back to just outside the treehouse; Jake and BMO are sitting near the front door and Jake is eating a sandwich.]
Jake: Fiiiinn!! [Takes another bite, retaining a worried look] Fiiiin!! Fiiiin!?! [Takes another bite] Man, where is that kid? I'm really startin' to worry... [Dancing Beetle appears and starts dancing.] Take my sammich, BMO. I'm gonna go find Fi— [Gasps] [In awe, whispering] A dancing bug! [Beetle continues dancing.] Hey, man, you're shakin' it all wrong!
Dancing Beetle: But shakin' it's all I know!
Jake: Shhh... Let me show you how it's done! [Starts dancing; the beetle joins him] Aw, yeah! Huh-hah! Yeah! Whoo!
[Scene shifts back to the Beneathaverse.]
Gnome Ruler: Congratulations. You fully charged the Alternator! Now it's time to power up the Plasma Ball... with sexy, fun dancing!
Finn: NO! STOP! NOOOOO!!!! WHA! AAH!! [They throw Finn into the machine. He forces his hands free, but they close the door. Finn panics and bangs on the glass violently while yelling and screeching. The music starts up, and the machine charges up. Finn starts dancing around a pole and getting shocked, all while screaming. The music gets louder and Finn dances faster. The Plasma Ball charges up. Scene suddenly shifts back to Jake and BMO; a party is occurring, and Jake is drinking grass shakes.]
Bugs: Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
Jake: Aaaaah... [Gulps the shake down] Whooooo! [Bugs cheer.] Whoooo! Any more grass shakes, Simon?
Simon: All finished.
Jake: Finished, huh? [Exhales] Finished... Finished... Fin... Fin... Finn... [In realization] AWWW, FINN! Darn it! My best friend's missing! I gotta get my head together! [Rubs head) Get undistracted! And use alla' my skills to track 'im down! Smelling! [Sniffs around] Touching. [Feels the ground] Tasting. [Licks the ground] Looking. [Finds a trail of little footprints and gasps] Little footprints! Too small to be Finn's... More like a bunch-a'-gnomes-carrying-something footprints!
[Jake notices two Nymphs laughing.]
Long-haired Nymph: Okay. I've got a joke. What did the mermaid... sea? A movie?
Short-haired Nymph: Wh-...What?
Long-haired Nymph: Oh! I messed it up! But it's still funny, right?
Jake: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, NO, IT'S NOT!! Y'all are horrible at tellin' jokes. Lemme hitcha with this. Didya hear about the goblin who got his left arm and left leg cut off?
Nymphs: Um... no...
Jake: That's okay! He's all right now!! [The Nymphs smile.] AH-HAHAHAHA! AH-HAHAHA! AH-HAHAHAHA!! AH-HAHAHA!!
[Scene cuts back to the Beneathaverse. Finn is panting heavily ("Oh... hoh...") and sweating; he notices he's trapped in a chair. ("Wha?! AAAAH!!")]
Gnome Ruler: Now... for the final stage! [Laughing] The brain machine!!
Finn: NO.
Gnome Ruler: YES! THIS MACHINE WILL SUCK THE ENERGY FROM YOUR THOUGHTS! [Switch to Finn's POV] ...To start our Upturnoverdrive.
[Finn's head is covered with the helmet. Screen turns black.]
Finn: [Panting] Don't think, Finn... Don't think anything. [Thinking] Can't... let... them... WIN!! [He suddenly breaks his arms free from the chair and throws the helmet at a machine. ("JYAH!!") He then breaks his legs free. ("WOH! YAH!") After a battle cry, Finn picks the entire chair up with a screeching yell and throws it at another machine.] No more games. No... more... PAJAMAS!!! [Rips the torso half of his pajamas apart]
Gnomes: NOOOOO!!!
[Finn drops down and charges towards the Gnomes and punches them in another direction when just then Jake busts in and catches the Gnomes.]
Finn: Jake?!?!
[They rush over to each other, embrace, and talk over each other emotionally. Seconds later it's revealed that Finn is still in the chair, and the entirety of the preceding scene was a hallucination. Finn pants and whimpers the chair.]
Gnome Ruler: Ahahahaha! It's working!
[Scene cuts to a party in the Cloud Kingdom. Jake is dancing there.]
Crowd: Jake! Jake! Jake! Jake!
Jake: Yeah! [Laughs] Yeah! [Laughs] Man this party is nuts! How'd I even get up here?!
Long-haired Nymph: You blacked out after laughing so hard at your own jokes.
Short-haired Nymph: You were off the hook!
Long-haired Nymph: So we took you to the Cloud Kingdom to party with the Party God.
Jake: Whoa! Who's the Party God?!
Party God: I am the Party God!
Jake: ...Oh.
Party God: Jake... you have won my favor for being a completely off-the-hook party dog! [Howls]
Jake: Hahaha!
Party God: And because your gut waves please me so, I will grant you one wish! What do you want most in the world?
Jake: "What do I want most?" [Chuckles] ...What do I want most in the world? Well... I wish Finn would stop leavin' his dirty— [Gasps, in realization] FIIINN!!!! I was on his trail...! And then I... got distracted...!! GAAAH!! What's wrong with my brain?! Cinnamon Bun was right... I can't focus on NOTHIN'!! Party God, I wish that I could focus on finding my friend Finn!
Party God: Then your wish is my...
Jake: WAIT, wait... Is there some kinda catch?
Party God: Uh... [Hesitantly] Y-y-y-yes, y-y-you got me. ...To grant your wish, I will have to fill you with the energy of a thousand partying demons! You will become so overloaded with party energy that you will demolish everything in your path!! [Blasts Jake with a beam from his mouth]
Jake: Must... find... Finn! Must... must...! PARTY FOREVEEER!!! [Flies away]
[Scene cuts back to the Beneathaverse. The Upturnoverdrive has activated.]
Gnome Ruler: It's working! It's working!! AHAHAHAHAH!!
[Jake descends quickly from the sky into the well in the yard.]
Jake: PAAAAAAARTAHAAAAAAY!!! [Crushes all of the Gnomes when he reaches the Beneathaverse.] PAAARTAAAY!! STEP BACK, EVERYBODY! I'M GONNA SHAKE IT! UNH! UNH! YOU FEELIN' THIS?!?
Gnome Ruler: Fire the shootey gun-ray!!
Jake: HIGH-FIVE!! [Smashes gun]
Gnomes: Freeze!!
Jake: LET'S KICK IT!! [Kicks Gnomes away; he also kicks the Cyclonic Rodentarod, which bounces into the Plasma Ball, destroying it. The resulting explosion forces Finn's chair off its platform.]
Finn: Wha?!
Jake: HAH-HAH! [Pointing at the Upturnoverdrive] I BET I CAN LIFT THIS THING!! [Tries to lift it, and the machine overheats.] WAAAAHH!!!
[The resulting steam explosion is so powerful that it blasts out of the well. Back down underground, the smoke starts to clear; Finn is searching for Jake, who is panting heavily.]
Finn: Jake?! [Turns around] JAKE!!! [Runs towards him] You defeated the Gnomes!!
Jake: I did?!
Finn: Yeah, man!!
Jake: And you're okay?!
Finn: Yeah, man, I'm fine!!!
Jake: Haha! Then I did it! I saved you by being an unfocused, rowdy party dog!
Finn: Hahaha, yeah, dog!!
Jake: [Prostrates and Finn gets on his back] Hahaha! Yeah! [Stretching towards the exit] Let's go eat Cinnamon Bun!
[The episode ends.]