"Poor Little Lemonhope" is a song Lemonhope sings in the episode "Too Old." After Princess Bubblegum excuses herself from dinner, she walks down a dark hallway and hears a harp. She follows the sound to Lemonhope, singing his song in the bathroom Lemongrab locked him in. When he finishes, Lemongrab barges in and breaks his harp, calling the song "ugly noise."

In the episode Lemonhope Part 2, Lemonhope sings it again, but in one of his nightmares. He only sings the beginning in the episode, though. This is because he stops singing when he sees numerous skulls and other bones laying on the floor, leading to the reveal of Lemongrab eating a cow.


Poor little Lemonhope
Sweet little Lemonhope
Stuck in this bathroom
Thrown in the garbage
Dunked in the pudding
Dipped in the porridge
Poor little Lemonhope
Throw me a lemon rope
Is there a home for me and my harp?
A place where friends give me hugs?
There's no use to mope
There's no use to hope
No use at all for fragile precious darling baby
Poor little Lemonhope

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