Polly Lou Livingston (born May 6, 1929[1]) is an American voice actress who voices the character Tree Trunks in the animated show Adventure Time.


Polly Lou Livingston was raised in a small Jewish community in Victoria, Texas. Her father was the owner of a department store in Victoria while her mother worked as a performer. She attended Stephens College and later transferred to the University of Texas after meeting her husband, Bobby Livingston. They were married together for nearly fifty years, until the time of his death in 2000.[2]

Polly Lou Livingston made her first debut as a voice actress in Adventure Time as she was a friend of Bettie Ward, the mother of the show's creator, Pendleton Ward. She later went on to voice a character in Pendleton Ward's internet series Bravest Warriors. In addition to voice acting, Livingston is an artist and an avid fashion enthusiast.



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