Plop-Top (also known as Dump-Dome) is the second youngest of the Lemon Children of Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2 and makes its first appearance in "All Your Fault."


After deciding they want a large family, the Lemongrabs make all of their food into children. Plop-Top, named by Lemongrab 2, is made with the very last of their food. The Lemongrabs say they greet "each new placid face" they make. Lemongrab 2 affectionately pats the child on the head. Lemongrab insists that they had agreed to name the child "Dump-Dome." The child merely blinks in response and emits a "piercing song" (a fairly short, high-pitched shriek) in its first appearance. After both Lemongrabs are given seeds to grow more food, they shove Plop-Top off the table to make room for the seeds that they impulsively bring to life, and name them Seed-Wad.


Plop-Top appears to be made out of green slime or some kind of plant. The child has Lemongrab-esque, "placid" eyes and chubby cheeks, and resembles a pine tree in shape. Its voice is like Lemongrab's but is much higher and squeakier. The child appears to be wet and squishy from the way it looks when patted. Unlike many of the other Lemon People, Plop-Top does not have a lemon-shaped head.


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