"Play Date" is the fortieth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and forty-fourth episode overall.


Finn and Jake call in Abracadaniel to befriend Ice King and motivate him to leave the Tree Fort.


The episode begins with Finn and Jake being dropped off by a pteranodon. They enter the Tree Fort and unload new gold as Finn places his Demon Blood Sword on a display. They head upstairs to relax before they are reminded that Ice King is still living with them. Jake says that it is time to kick Ice King out, but Finn is hesitant as he still feels guilty about causing Flame Princess to destroy the Ice Kingdom. Finn suggests getting the Ice King to a hotel, and attempts to convince him to do so, but Ice King refuses. Finn comes up with a plan to get Ice King to leave them alone for a while, and they invite Abracadaniel to their house. At first the Ice King is resentful towards Abracadaniel and runs to his makeshift room to sulk. Finn asks Abracadaniel to show him the spell he has been practicing, to agitate Ice King.When Ice King sees Abracadaniel's flower-summoning spell, he jumps out and makes an enormous, flashy ice flower. Abracadaniel is deeply impressed by Ice King's abilities.

Ice King and Abracadaniel become quick friends, much to the delight of Finn and Jake. As the day passes into night, Ice King and Abracadaniel lure Finn and Jake downstairs to watch an interpretative dance show they prepared. BMO attempts to join in, but Abracadaniel pushes BMO away. Finn and Jake attempt to leave and end the day, but Abracadaniel pretends to be afraid of the dark so that he can stay overnight.

The Ice King decides to take Abracadaniel to see Finn and Jake's treasure room. He shows the demon sword to him, and unwinds the binding around the handle to show the demon runes, "BUTYRUM LAC SUREPO KEE OTH PRADIUM". He tells a curious Abracadaniel the runes, when recited, would show the demon whose blood was used. After reading the runes out loud and summoning the demon Kee-Oth, Ice King realizes he has made a mistake. Kee-Oth demands they bring out the wielder of his blood sword, but they decide to fight Kee-Oth instead. Their powers prove to be useless, and a furious Kee-Oth seizes the two by their throats.

Finn and Jake arrive, taking note of Kee-oth, and begin to say the chant "Kee Oth Rama Pancake" to stop him, but Kee-Oh threatens to kill his hostages if they do so. At first, Jake continues the chant because he thinks Kee-Oth is bluffing, but Finn covers his mouth mid-chant. Kee-Oth repeats his threat, and after some hesitation, Finn agrees and breaks the Demon Sword on his knee. When the sword snaps, the blood flows out and returns to Kee-Oth, who grows even more powerful. He then grabs Jake, still calling him Joshua, and teleports away.

The episode ends as Abracadaniel and Ice King leave for the Ice Kingdom, which has actually been rebuilt for weeks. A dazed Finn is left in the house saying "Jake?..."


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  • Kee-Oth continues to mistake Jake for his father, Joshua.
  • Finn calls the Ice King "Simon."
  • This episode ends in a dramatic cliffhanger, to be resolved in the next episode, "The Pit."
  • Finn's sword is destroyed in this episode, making this his second main sword to be destroyed.
  • When Ice King's ice flower explodes, two of the ice shards resemble a rabbit and a dog.
  • Jake wears reading glasses as he reads in this episode.
  • It seems that Ice King can influence non-ice objects with his powers, in this case a flower created by Abracadaniel.
    • Either that or he simply covered/crushed the flower with the ice.
  • Finn is shown to have very strong kneecaps, as seen in "The Lich," where he broke the Enchiridion. He also broke a branch over his knee in the "tough guy contest" in "Crystals Have Power."
  • When Finn and Jake are attending Abracadaniel and Ice King's show, "Abraca-Ice King Wizard Revue," Jake forms a watch on his right hand to check the time. This would usually imply that he is left-handed, if not for the fact that Jake's shape-shifts generally don't follow any kind of logic.
  • In this episode, Tom Kenny reveals (through Ice King's voice) that he is also the voice of Gunther:

Ah, but that sounds lonely. I'd just like to stay here with you guys! Having roommates is nice! Keeps me out of my head. Gunther only says 'wank.' Whats up with that?

—Ice King


Cultural references

  • When Finn and Jake enter their house and drop the loot, one may notice Guy-Manuel's helmet from Daft Punk.
  • When Ice King peers over the top of his shower curtain with his nose hanging over it, he resembles Kilroy.
  • This episode has the same title as the 27th episode of the 5th season of Regular Show, "Play Date."

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  • When Ice King puts the Demon sword back, its handle is on the right side of the display. But when Finn runs to get it, the handle is on the left.
  • When Ice King was upside down, his crown didn't fall off, suggesting it may be attached to his head, which is normally not the case in other episodes when Finn and Jake hit the crown off his head to disable his powers.
  • The runes on the Demon Blood Sword, being pseudo-Latin, are misspelled. For instance, "prandium" (meaning breakfast) is misspelled as "pradium," although the Ice King pronounces the word correctly. Similarly, while "Butyrum lac" means "buttermilk," "surepo" is a made up word and appears to be dog Latin, possibly meaning "syrup."

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Storyline analysis

  • There are a few clues that indicate the fact that the Ice Kingdom has already been rebuilt for several weeks.
    • The Ice Kingdom has been seen in the background of the few previous episodes, where it appears to be fully rebuilt.
    • Ice King wore his crown for the majority of this episode. If the Ice Kingdom was really still being re-constructed, Gunter would have had the crown instead of the Ice King.
    • Ice King tells Abracadaniel at the end of the episode that the Ice Kingdom has indeed been re-constructed for several weeks.
  • When the Ice King puts his crown back on to fight Kee-Oth, his voice becomes less calm and collected. The difference between his voice while wearing the crown versus his voice while not wearing the crown is apparent in many episodes, such as "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita," and this episode features a scene where he puts the crown on mid-sentence and shows how his voice starts to change. 


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