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Magic Man is responsible for causing a series of plagues on Mars. Grob, Gob, Glob, and Grod banished Magic Man to the Land of Ooo for these crimes, and Glob considers him the most notorious fiend in martian history for causing them. There are only three known plagues, and two of them are named. It is unknown how long any of these plagues lasted.

Plague of Shadows[]

The Plague of Shadows began when Magic Man brought everyone's shadow to life. The shadows would attack everyone and ravage Mars.

Plague of the One-ness[]

The Plague of the One-ness occurred when Magic Man made everyone's limbs grow together when they got together to sing their community song. Grob Gob Glob Grod stated that "much suffering ensued."

Hair plague[]

An unnamed hair plague was when Magic Man turned all the water on Mars into hair, and all the inhabitants grew so thirsty that they had no choice but to drink it. The hair made everyone go bald for an unexplained reason, and almost no one recovered from it.


  • The hair plague is similar to the plague of Egypt where the water of the Nile river was turned to blood, the plague of shadows is similar to the plague of gnats and the plague of locusts, according to the Book of Exodus 10-13.


These are pictures of the plagues, drawn by Grod.