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"I'd rather be dancin' with some babes!"
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Pink and Proud is a scrapped episode outline for Adventure Time, which was never produced into a full episode.


Princess Bubblegum tries to learn how to be less girly.


Princess Bubblegum tries to teach Finn lessons in etiquette. Finn tries to balance a stack of books on his head while he waltzes around the room but they keep falling off. Bubblegum laughs at his oafish lack of refinement. Finn lashes out in embarrassment. "You're such a GIRL!" Finn runs off to rub mud all over himself.

Princess looks around at her lacy pillows and pet Rainicorn. Princess Bubblegum regards herself in the mirror and wonders if maybe she IS too girly. She takes off her tiara and puts on a top hat and boxing gloves. But she still doesn't know how to act less girly.

So she seeks out the most punk-rock girl she knows, Marceline the Vampire Queen. Marceline agrees to show Bettie the ropes on how to be a real tough mamma. They stay out late and kick cans with cowgirl boots. They prank the Ice King by dieing his beard pink while he's sleeping. In a downtown Candy Kingdom nightclub, the girls hang loose and Marceline shows PB how to give guff to strangers. "Hey! Get outta town!" Marcy declares to a frightened gingerbread teenager who quickly picks up his britches and runs away. Princess Bubblegum tries to give guff, but can't overpower her polite instincts. Princess Bubblegum realizes she doesn't want to change who she is, She thanks Marceline for her help and goes off to confront Finn.

Finn and Jake are busy fighting an electric skeleton. Undeterred, Bubblegum runs up and defeats the monster with a karate chop. "You know WHAT? You KNOW WHAT?! I AM girly!" The Princess throws off her top hat and boxing gloves and marches away. Finn shouts back "Well no DUH!" Princess Bubblegum marches back to karate chop Finn and Jake for good measure but they run for their lives, screaming like little girls into the horizon.[1]