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Pincer Beetle (or Dancing Bug) is a bug that appears in the episode "Evicted!" and again in "Power Animal." In "Power Animal," Jake and BMO are sitting on their front steps when they first see the bug shaking his butt. Jake tells him that he is shaking it all wrong, to which the bug replies that shaking it is all that he knows. Jake does not accept this answer and shows the bug how it is done. As the Pincer Beetle joins his demonstration, other bugs from the forest come by and watch them shake it.

The Pincer Beetle once again appears in "Susan Strong" when Finn, Jake, and Susan are walking through the Cotton Candy Forest to the Candy Kingdom. Susan points at the beetle and seems distressed, but Finn shows that it cannot hurt her. The three then start dancing with the Pincer Beetle.

The Pincer Beetle makes a cameo in "BMO Lost" where he is watching other insects break dance.


But shaking it is all I know!

—"Power Animal"


  • A similar looking beetle also appeared in "BMO Lost" in a group of dancing bugs.
  • It might be from Pendleton Ward's website as it can be seen after a couple seconds in the animation to the right of Bueno.