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The Pillow People are the inhabitants of the Pillow World that Finn visits in the episode "Puhoy." Majority of the people encountered by Finn live in a village governed by a mayor named Quilton. They utilize pillows or pillow coverings found in their world for things ranging from food to bedding.

Before Finn's arrival in "Puhoy," the Pillow People there were terrorized by a Blanket Dragon. However, Finn quickly slays the beast, saving the people from the monster. In the celebration that follows, Finn meets Roselinen, a Pillow Person and the daughter of the mayor. They marry afterwards and have two children and one grandson.


As the name suggests, they are fabric-based beings who resemble stuffed pillows, while others appear more as cushions or linen casings. They are generally humanoid appearance, but also come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Notable Pillow People


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