The Piglets are six baby pigs that appear in "The Pods." They are the main antagonists in the episode. They came from the first grown pod. They look innocent and act like babies at first, not being able to even hold a pencil to take Finn's personality test. The only thing they draw is a picture of an ice cream cone under "Allergies." Finn and Jake play with them and their new magic wands (which come out of the second pod) until they all fall asleep, including Finn and Jake, after building a wooden house. Finn and Jake wake up to find the piglets destroying the Mushroom Village with the magic wands.

The piglets are allergic to ice cream (which the third pod produces); they explode into a shower of confetti and flowers when they touch it. Finn gets rid of most of the pigs. The last pig nearly dodges their attacks and tricks Finn with its cuteness, before finally being covered in a hill of ice cream and exploding.

The piglets appear again in "Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!" as enemies, along with the magic wands.


The six piglets have pink skin and are dressed for various occupations, including a cowboy (hat, bandana, and boots), bumblebee (headband and black striped yellow shirt and little wings), magician (top hat and tuxedo), chef (chef hat), construction worker (orange hard hat and tool belt), and a doctor (reflector and lab coat).


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