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This article is about Phil. You may be looking for PHIL FACE.

Phil (originally known as Pajama Ninja) first appears in the episode "City of Thieves" when he steals the basket and glasses from the Cyclops. His pajamas were then stolen by Rock Wall Thief, and his glasses were stolen by a goblin. He is then punched by Jake. Phil wears a special pair of underpants that can lock, presumably so that they cannot be stolen. He later appears as one of the Naked Old People in "Blood Under the Skin" and has the voice of an older man in this episode.

He is also seen attending Wizard Battle in the episode of the same name as part of the audience. He can be seen crying beside Lumpy Space Princess.

He attends Finn and Jake's holiday event in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II" and for the first time he was referred to by name as "Phil." In the same episode, Phil wears a pair of puffy pants with Christmas Trees on them. He doesn't wear a sweater, but he wears a scarf.

He also appeared in "King Worm," popping up behind Peppermint Butler then saying, "Satori!" and throwing a spoon at Finn in Finn's dream.

A little person version of Phil was seen in the dance party in "All the Little People."

Phil was also in a cage behind Princess Bubblegum in "The Suitor."


He is a humanoid very similar to a normal human, he is almost always naked or semi-naked, he also has missing teeth and is almost bald.


My jammies!

—"City of Thieves"

My glasses!

—"City of Thieves"

My most private parts! Peeped by a boy!

—"Blood Under the Skin"


—"King Worm"


  • His appearance is based on Phil Rynda, the former lead character designer from the Adventure Time staff. This may be the reason why his face resembles a PHIL FACE, although the character Phil usually does not make the actual PHIL FACE expression.
  • He was confirmed to be only a humanoid through Adam Muto's Spring account,[1] which may be why Finn does not suspect Phil to be human.


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