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Pete the Punk is a Card Wars player who first appeared in the episode "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars" while attending the 59th Card Wars Doubles Classic. Pete and his partner Reggie lost against Jake and Charlie in the first round of the tournament.


Pete the Punk wears a leather jacket and jeans, as well as a t-shirt with a picture of a candle on the front, similar to The Hooligans Who Love Candles. He has spiked up green hair and light green skin. He wears earrings. In "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars" he is clean-shaven, but in "Obsidian" he has the beginnings of a moustache.

Episode appearances[]

Minor appearances[]



  • Although he doesn't formally appear until "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars", Pete the Punk is first mentioned in Jake's phone contacts in the episode "My Two Favorite People".
  • He appears in the crowd at Marceline's gig in "Obsidian", which was also attended by a young Princess Bubblegum. This suggests that Pete the Punk is quite old.