The perfect sandwich is a sandwich Princess Bubblegum meticulously created in the episode "Five Short Graybles." It contained cheese, lettuce, and a slice of tomato. According to Bubblegum, it was "...the most perfect sandwich that has ever existed, or ever will exist within the confines of space-time."

Perfect cheese

The perfect cheese


The perfect sandwich is extremely difficult to make. Although it only has four ingredients, they are made in very unusual ways.


Cheese: Made by spinning a cow on its side in a centrifuge and then molecularly unraveling the cheese brick into a perfect slice.

Lettuce: Made by using special chemicals to grow and shrink it to the perfect size. "Shredded" by being hit like a baseball.

Tomatoes: Created by teleporting a Jellyfish and a red balloon together to make a tomato, and karate-chopping it into three pieces, although the fate of the Jellyfish used to create it was left unknown. Only one perfect slice is used.

Bread: Bread made fresh from dough using magic and perfectly sliced by laser beams refracted through crystals.

Joining ingredients together

When all the ingredients are ready, they are put in an anti-gravity machine where the two are put together to create the perfect sandwich.


  • When Princess Bubblegum let him "do the honors," Cinnamon Bun "ate" the sandwich by putting it directly into his stomach through his chest.
  • In the episode "Jake the Dog," Jake is made a sandwich by the Almighty Prismo while in the Time Room, which exists outside of space-time. Therefore, that sandwich could be even better than the Perfect Sandwich.
  • In "Time Sandwich," when Finn invites Princess Bubblegum over to help retrieve Jake's sandwich from Magic Man, she says that she had to come over when Finn explained to her about Jake's sandwich. This may be a reference to when she created her perfect sandwich.
  • The utilization of magic to create the bread used for the sandwich contradicts her stand against magic, as shown in "Wizards Only, Fools." Though, it's possible that the magic involved is already known by her.
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