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Finn, it's hopeless to try to stop a thief here. Everyone steals from each other. It's ri-doo-doo-diculous.

—"City of Thieves"

I have an idea. My mom used to tell me there's a King of Thieves who lives in the center of the city and everything that gets stolen from little girls ends up at his tower.

Legend says you'll find the loot in the King of Thieves' chest.

Of course it's not! I set you up to steal this chest of gold! I couldn't get past the barrier, because I'm a thief.

You stole something in the city. Now YOU'RE a thief.

I'm sorry, Finn. Let me give you some, uh, gems or some gold. Or, uh, have some knife in your neck!

I feel clean, like all the filth of the city and wrongdoings are gone. Thank you, F and J. I haven't felt like this since I was young!

Finn, thank you for the second chance to live a purer life.

—"City of Thieves"

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