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Peace Master is a character who appears in the episode "Nemesis". He appears to be an exceptionally gifted hand-to-hand fighter, as well as a magic wielder.

Through the use of his "Charm Sack" filled with enchanted talismans, Peace Master is able to subdue most evil that he comes into contact with. Peace Master uses a myriad of these talismans for various purposes, the most notable power coming from his baby's pacifier's capability to detect dark magic, and alert Peace Master to any incoming evil magic. The charms in his charm sack include a rubber chicken, an ankh, a purple cylinder, a book, and a gooey substance tied to a string.

In the episode "Nemesis," Peace Master's charm sack was tossed into a void in order to save his youngest child from being corrupted by dark magic at the hands of Peppermint Butler.

Peace Master has three children, a son who was turned into a reptilian winged creature by Peppermint Butler, a daughter who was turned into a pixie by Peppermint Butler, and an infant whose gender is unidentified.

He appears again in "Gumbaldia" and in “Come Along With Me”, having joined Gumbald’s Legion of Candy Kingdom Haters to attack and go to war with Princess Bubblegum and the allies of the Candy Kingdom.


Peace Master seems to have a rectangular head, but it could instead be a short cylinder or a flattened cube that looks rectangular from the angles seen in the episode. His face is half covered with some sort of bandage. His head is attached to his body with a long neck. His skin is a light shade of minty green. and his mouth, when open, is oval-shaped. He is shown wearing a long sleeve cardigan with a grey shirt inside and a long black shirt outside. He has a metal casing covering his left arm. His boots are long and stretch all the way to his knees. They are of different colors with the left leg a brown and dark red striped and the right fully black with three silver dots on the sides. He was seen wearing a belt and wears long black pants. He wears a large black hat, a grey cape on his back and a light-brown cape overlapping his right torso. He also carries a light satchel called a "charm sack."


Peace Master does not like evil entities. He shows heavy hatred towards dark arts and tries to keep his children away from it. Peace Master also gets very stressed during accidents and always blames dark magic for it. He also heavily believes in Magic as to his "charm sack" filled with enchanted talismans.

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Tell me, Kenneth... Will you be ready when the flames of those evil places consume everything you hold dear?!


See?! See what happens when you mess with the dark arts? I'll get you, dark one! You wrecked Peace Master's minivan!


You see this?! My dark wizard gobbler poots evil souls into the void.


Your dirty hobo birthday tricks won't save you long time! You hear?!


You're the momo. Your spells are no match for my righteous charm sack.


On the field of Wizard Battles, armed in my talismans of light, I will destroy you and free my children from the spell you cast over their minds.



  • Peace Master and his children seem to be the same species as Ron James, as they have the same skin color, head shape, and neck size as him.
  • He bears a resemblance to Cad Bane from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
    • Coincidentally, in the Brazilian Portuguese version of Adventure Time, both Peace Master and Cad Bane are voiced by the same voice actor.
  • The license plate on Peace Master's car spells "MIR" which means "peace" in Slavic languages.
    • His car is based off of a combination of the 1995-2006 Ford Galaxy (front) and the 3rd generation Toyota Sienna (rear).


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