Patience St. Pim is the current Ice Elemental. She was discovered by the Ice King, Finn, and Jake and attempted to reunite the reincarnations of the other elementals, but they escaped.


Pre-Mushroom War

Patience St. Pim is understood to have lived thousands of years ago before the Great Mushroom War. She was the reincarnation of the ice elemental who, along with the other current elementals, had visions of the Lich's arrival. These visions came with the understanding that the world was going to go through an epic cataclysm that the elementals knew they probably wouldn't survive. Patience, wanting to live through the cataclysm, sailed into the ocean and covered herself in an ice sphere where she would stay dormant for a number of years until she would later be discovered by Ice King, Finn, and Jake.


In "Elemental," after being released from her ice sphere, Patience froze Finn and Jake and made Ice King fetch her the other elementals, (them being Princess Bubblegum, Slime Princess, and Flame Princess), so Ice King does as she says and kidnaps them and brings them to her. Finally reunited with the other elementals, Patience shows them their potential as elementals and attempts to make them unite, but the three Princesses show no interest in her or her powers. The Princesses then use their newly discovered powers to make her lose her balance and she crashes into her boat. While she was on the ground, the Princesses free Finn and Jake and escape; Slime Princess also shoots slime at Patience, sticking her to the wall. With Finn, Jake, and the Princesses gone, Patience makes Ice King scrape all the slime off her and she tells him that she will make people know of her presence in Ooo.


In "Jelly Beans Have Power," Patience sends Princess Bubblegum a piece of paper on which the shape of a circle with a cross in it is drawn, allowing her to tap into her innate elemental abilities. After using her abilities to fight an ice orb created by Patience, Patience is seen viewing a vision board encompassing several of her targets throughout Ooo, including the princesses she had previously captured.


During the time Finn, BMO, and Jake were away searching for the human islands, Patience was able to finalize her plans to awaken the elemental's true selves, using Betty as a magical battery. Her Mega-spell, however, caused their elemental power to overload their personalities, as well as change the physical make-up of Ooo and almost all of its inhabitants sans Sweet P and Lumpy Space Princess (due to being an anti-elemental). This causes her to go into a deep depression as shown in "Winter Light," feeling an absolute malaise about fixing or doing anything, especially since none of the other elementals came to her party full of shrimp plates.

After Princess Bubblegum (as the elemental) began over-powering Ooo turning everything into candy (including Flame Princess, an elemental of equal power), Patience decided to freeze herself in an ice time capsule yet again, not wanting to see how it turned out or face the consequences.


Patience's ice time capsule is briefly seen in the opening of "Come Along With Me," which implies she survived for another millennium. 


Patience is roughly Princess Bubblegum's height, but her body is curvier. Her hair is a dark navy, that's pulled back into a double bun. She has light blue lips and wears circular sunglasses. Her skin tone is the same grayish-blue as the Ice King's. She wears a dark pink-red button-up shirt, white pants, and black boots. After her Mega-Spell, she has grown to size, and still retains her skin tone and glasses. However, her lips turned a pure cyan and her hair turned pure white. The lenses have also turned bluer. She now wears a medium-blue off-the-shoulder gown with multiple layers to it. The straps of which have a misty blue, flame-like animation, while the rest of the gown is all glittery due to her elemental nature.


When she emerged from her ice orb, Patience acted really energetic and jovial, making small talk with people she met and using spontaneous gestures and movements. She also has a habit of making ice puns. It was soon shown, however, that she had a very manipulative side trying to force the other incarnations of the elementals to join her, and lying to the Ice King about kidnapping Betty.

After achieving pure elemental status, either due to the effects of magic or shame that her spell failed, she went into a deep depression that supposedly affected every member of her Ice Dominion. Much like in her previous life as Urgence Evergreen, Patience showed a strong desire to survive at any cost, regardless of the fact that as an elemental, she would be reincarnated if she died. 


As the Ice Elemental, Patience can create ice from her hands. She is able to create and control ice objects with ease, as shown when she made an ice chair and was able to make it spin around with just hand gesture. Patience is also capable of dispelling ice made by other wizards by shooting it with her own magic, as she did with Ice King's ice.

Ice King stated that her ice was stronger than his own. Her ice's surface was also smoother than Ice King's own. This is likely due to the fact that, as an elemental, she is literally the physical representation of ice and not just a user of its power.


Major appearances

Minor appearances


  • Patience seems to have more control over her ice magic than the Ice King does, evident where she can freeze and thaw people and objects with precision, whereas Ice King cannot.
  • Her name, Patience, parallels Urgence Evergreen's name. Also, despite the other elementals accepting their upcoming death, both Evergreen and Patience wanted to survive the cataclysm.
    • While Urgence decided to race against time to stop the Catalyst Comet, Patience decided to freeze herself for years to avoid the Mushroom Bomb's devastation.
  • In "Jelly Beans Have Power," she is seen wearing the same clothes as in the flashback from "Elemental," except with red lipstick.
  • When Finn and Jake learn of Patience's involvement at the end of a very long story in "Bespoken For," Jake says, "All we needed was… a little patience."
  • Patience's time capsule is briefly seen at the very start of the opening credits of "Come Along with Me."
  • "Pim" is a Dutch diminutive of the name Willem, which ultimately originated from Wilhelm, with two elements composed as meaning: wil (desire) and helm (protection).
  • The first two parts of her name "Patience St." are likly a pun on the idiom "Patience of a saint" meaning "A great deal of patience".

Name in other languages

  • Her Italian name is Pazienza Saint Pim.
  • Her European Spanish name is Paciencia San Pim.
  • Her German name is Geduld St. Pim
  • Her Portuguese name is Paciência São Pim
  • Her English name is Patience St. Pim
  • Her Icelandic name is Þolinmæði St.Ppim
  • Her Japanese name is 忍耐聖ピム(Nintai Sei pimu)
  • Her Russian Name is Пейшенс Сент-Пим(Peyshens Sent-Pim)


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