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This article is about Kim Kil Whan's wife. You may be looking for Party Pat.

Pat[1][2] is a character who appears in the episode "Ocarina". She is the wife of Kim Kil Whan and the mother of Bronwyn.


Pat is a female bear. She has small black dots for eyes and a dark brown nose. She wears a lavender dress with a light blue collar and a single light blue button. She also wears small, round gold earrings.


She is calm and appears to care deeply for her husband, Kim Kil Whan. This is seen when asks and listens to his problems with his father Jake. In addition, Pat reassures her husband when she understands that his plan to change his father did not work out, leaning on her husband's shoulder and calling him "Sweets" in the episode Ocarina.


  • She is the second bear in the series with the name Pat, the first being Party Pat.