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The Party Scorpion is a scorpion that appears at the party in the episode, "Little Brother." Shelby strived to impress her with Parkour after she said that Pincer Beetle was the "craziest bug at this party."


She appears to be a purple scorpion, smoother then that of what we have seen in previous episodes.


She appears to have a personality that thrives on the life of the party. She is very energetic and she speaks what is on her mind. She is also somewhat of a jerk, after Shelby told her that he had moves, she accused him of only being able to do "The Worm."


  • It's possible that this is the same scorpion from "Evicted!," but unfortunately, that scorpion has no lines, and it appears to be covered in hairs.
  • She and the Piner Beetle are the only party guests with any lines in the episode.
  • She is the only Scorpion to have a line in the show.


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