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Before you talk to the chief, you must party with the chief.

—"Belly of the Beast"

But you haven't been partying. [...] You move to music, but that's not dancing. You chew pancakes, but you're not tasting. To truly party, one must leave behind the problems that are troubling and open one's mind eye.

Attention. Attention, everybody. Can I have you're attention, please. So... Apparently we're not in a cave. We're in a... monster's belly!

To survive, my people need a phat party-club to grind in. That monster's gut was totally excellent.

Hear me, monster. My people and I wish to party inside you once more. Prithee take us upon thine gut, and we shall party no more with fireworks, but instead... with gentle lasers.

—"Belly of the Beast"

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