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The Party God appears in the episode "Power Animal." He appears as a large, floating wolf's head, who wears his hat to one side.


It is shown that if one gains the favor of the Party God, as Jake did, he will grant you one wish. When he grants Jake's wish for focus, he fires a yellow beam from his mouth at him and filled him with the energy of a thousand partying demons, making him destroy everything in his path.


Jake, you have won my favor for being a completely off-the-hook party dog! (howls) And because your gut waves please me so, I will grant you one wish. What do you want most in the world?

Then your wish is my command...

Uh...Yes, you got me. To grant your wish, I will have to fill you with the energy of a thousand partying demons. You will become so overloaded with party energy that you'll demolish everything in your path!


  • The Party God bears a resemblance to the internet memes "Courage Wolf " and "Scumbag Steve." This is scene by how the Party God is a wolf head that shoots out yellow beams of light from his mouth in the colors from Courage Wolf. Also, his hat and the style it is worn is similar to how it is seen the Scumbag Steve meme.
  • The Party God may also be a reference or tribute to Andrew W.K. Andrew W.K. is most notably a musician with whom Cartoon Network has close affiliations and who is also the host of the show "Destroy Build Destroy." Furthermore, Andrew W.K.'s ways have earned him the title, "The King of Partying." In 2003, he also composed an album called, "The Wolf."
  • It is unknown if he is really a deity or if Party God is just a title.