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The Party God is introduced in the episode "Power Animal". He appears as a large, floating wolf's head, who wears a baseball hat turned to one side. He appears again at the end of "Shh!", dancing with the Bikini Babes after crashing through the roof of the Tree House. He was the Island Lady's boyfriend in "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita," where he was also knocked out during a fight with the Ice King and tossed into deep space. He was at Prismo's party in "Wake Up," indicating he either found his way back from space, or was summoned to Prismo's Time Room by the strength of the party.

The Party God also appears in the Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! video game, where he brings to life a girlfriend for Snow Golem after Finn and Jake acquire the pieces for him.


It is shown that if one gains the favor of the Party God, as Jake did, he will grant them one wish. When the Party God grants Jake's wish for focusing on finding Finn, he fires a yellow beam from his mouth that fills Jake with the energy of a thousand partying demons, which, while making him destroy everything in his path, does actually help him. He might also have the power to sense where parties are, as in he arrived at Finn and Jake's party in "Shh!" When battling the Ice King in "The Party's Over, Isla De Señorita," it is shown that he can split himself up into smaller wolves and can enlarge/reduce his size.


The Party God is, as his name implies, the god of partying. He is literally always partying, going so far as to crash parties he isn't invited to (like the one at the end of "Shh!"). He also seems to feel honor-bound to keep parties going; when he puked in his friend Jimmy's speaker, he replaced it with his own boombox to avoid committing a "party-foul."

His constant partying caused him to ignore his (now former) girlfriend, the Island Lady.


Island Lady[]

According to the Island Lady, the Party God doesn't pay her much attention, often leaving her alone and going out to party. He is still very possessive of his (former) girlfriend, and attacks the Ice King for hanging out with her.

Ice King[]

Having chosen a different path, the Ice King spent quite a time with the Party God's girlfriend, the Island Lady. Ice King was led to believe that the Island Lady should break up with the Party God because he doesn't pay attention to her at all and continues partying. But with the Island Lady too afraid break up with him, Ice King tried to break up with him for her. However, there's a misunderstanding, and the Party God is led to believe Ice King is flirting with his girlfriend. Thus, a fight begins between them. Ice King won the battle and sent the Party God into space, thought never to be seen again, but he showed up at Prismo's party in "Wake Up."


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Jake, you have won my favor for being a completely off-the-hook party dog! (howls) And because your gut waves please me so, I will grant you one wish. What do you want most in the world?

—"Power Animal"

Then your wish is my command...

—"Power Animal"

Uh...Yes, you got me. To grant your wish, I will have to fill you with the energy of a thousand partying demons. You will become so overloaded with party energy that you'll demolish everything in your path!

—"Power Animal"

I can't party-foul the party. I'm the Party God.

—"The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita"

There's gonna be two hits, bro: me hitting you and a second instance of me hitting you.

—"The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita"


  • The Party God is one of the Enchiridion powers featured in Finn and Jake's Epic Quest.
  • The Party God's character design has changed from his debut in "Power Animal"; in "Shh!" and "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita," his mouth is no longer surrounded by beige.
  • Party God was originally a crocodile on a skateboard.

Cultural references[]

  • The Party God bears a resemblance to the Internet memes "Courage Wolf," "Insanity Wolf," and "Shoop Da Whoop." This is seen by how the Party God is a wolf head that shoots out yellow beams of light from his mouth in the colors from "Courage Wolf" and "Shoop Da Whoop."
    • The Adventure Time staff have said that this is not true, and hate it when people mention it.