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The Party Bugs are a group of various arthropods and invertebrates that are seen throwing or attending parties throughout the Adventure Time series. These include, but are not limited to, ladybugs, centipedes, beetles, ants, snails, scorpions, worms, and more.

Some party bugs, most notably the Pincer Beetle and an audience of ladybugs, appear in the episode "Power Animal".

Party Bugs first appear in the episode "Evicted!", where they are first seen partying in Marceline's cave, dancing to Jake's violin.

Party Bugs are later seen in the episode "BMO Lost", where they are partying outside of the Tree House. BMO is seen watching their party from the home's telescope, becoming inspired to start doing "the worm". This causes him to be kidnapped by a bird and carried away.

In the episode "Little Brother", the Party Bugs are seen throwing a party inside of Jake's violin. This party is being thrown by Shelby, who feels the need that he needs to be the most eccentric person at the party. This leads him to preforming a stunt that causes the end of his tail to be chopped off, bringing into existence Little Buddy.

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