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Bet that guy was a creep.

—"Red Starved"

Paris is the reason for a group of men having been turned into with the power of his colleague, the Crab Demon. Many years before the episode took place, he had died for an unknown reason.


Five hundred years before the series took place, Paris and the Crab Demon plotted to turn everyone in the city that the episode took place in to sand using the power of the Crab Demon's light. Paris wore a glass at the top of his head that would allow him to use this power. After turning them to sand, they planned to reanimate the people's bodies and use them to take over the Crab Demon's homeland.

Although this was at first successful, a trio of wisemen sealed off the room that Paris and the first group of people that he turned to sand were in. Paris ended up dying on a rock that he was standing on top of, his corpse remaining in the standing position.


Peris appeared to have had a mustache and a beard. He had long grey hair, and he wore a red robe. On the top of his head, he had a glass that allowed him to project the power of the Crab Demon to a farther range.


  • Although Paris was presumably sealed off in a room that prevented him from continuing with his plan, the rest of the city somehow turned into sand.