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I am Paper Pete, the leader of the Pagelings, but you can call me PP!

—"Paper Pete"

We are the secret guardians of the books in the library. You know those blank pieces of paper in the beginning of old books? That's us! We revealed ourselves to you, noble giant, because you felt our plight when you saw the damaged books - and now is our darkest hour, for the Moldos have been growing more bold with every attack. Look at the damage done yesterday at the battle of teddy bear joke book!

They're massing for a full scale assault on every book in the library!

We don't want to reveal ourselves to anyone else, we are the secret guardians. Secret.

Very well, we shall dance as flowers!

By wearing the beast (Jake), we shall become like the beast!

We can't wait any longer. We must go back to the bookshelf to prepare for the Moldos attack.

(Gasps) We were gone too long! Wield my brethren, wield!

Aye, this was but a reconnaissance squad. Sent to test our marrow!

Their bites sting like the dickens.

You've discovered the Moldoses' secret lair!

Finn: I've come to help the Moldos defeat the Pagelings.

Paper Pete: Traitor! Hi ya! (starts attacking Finn to no effect)

Finn: Calm down, this is part of my plan.

Paper Pete: Ohh, haha. Then I shall play along wise giant!

May you rot in Tartarus, may your skin boil, and eyes burst into flames, forever in a pit!

Well played, o giant! You have the cunning of Odysseus!

Giant! Have you wiped out the Moldo horde?

—"Paper Pete"