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Pan appears in "Another Way." He lives in the forest with his wife, Rainy. He was trying to get some watermelons home to her but somehow got one of his wagon's wheels stuck in a tree. A disturbed Finn, having just crossed the Acid River, douses his head with one of the melons. Pan asks him for help, but Finn flips out, shoving Pan aside, destroying the wagon, and sending the melons rolling downhill, which flatten Pan's house and crush his wife. Pan cries and angrily tells Finn to leave. Later, Finn returns with the Cyclops tears and heals Pan's wife.


Finn accurately describes Pan as "a small hairy man"; only Pan's face, ears, and limbs are hairless. His skin color is pink and his fur is brown. His ears are large and look similar to pigs ears.


Pan cares a great deal about his wife. Pan doesn't seem upset with Finn for breaking one of his melons to cool off. He starts crying once Rainy gets hurt and is very happy when Finn heals her with the Cyclops tear.


Uhh, excuse me, friend. You're pretty tall—can you reach up there and get my wheel for me? Gotta get these melons home to my wife. You know how it is.

Watch out, Rainy!

Yeah, no doi, friend. Just get out of here! Leave us alone! Psycho fink.