Pagelings are the secret guardians of the books in the library. Their leader is Paper Pete, and they were in conflict with the Moldos, as the Moldos would constantly eat the books in the Library. They are disguised as the first blank sheets in old books. They only reveal themselves to people that they trust. There are only four known Pagelings, and they all appeared in the episode "Paper Pete." The only Pageling who spoke at once was Paper Pete, and each of the other three Pagelings said the same thing as everyone else did. Paper Pete, together with Finn, ends the war with the Moldos.


The Pagelings' normal forms resemble origami shaped like humanoids or animals. In addition to Paper Pete, the three Pagelings were a Paper Horse, a humanoid shape with wings, and a humanoid with a spiky head.


They can turn into different origami-like shapes. When in the form of a paper airplane, they can fly. Also, they can (literally) dance as flowers. They are not very tough; when Finn witnessed their battle with the Moldos his yawn was significantly more dangerous than the Pagelings' blows.


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