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Finn drawing a Phil face in "It Came from the Nightosphere."

This article is about PHIL FACE. You may be looking for Phil.

PHIL FACE (also referred to as the Rynda Mandala[1]), is a running gag facial expression often used in Adventure Time. It is meant to resemble the face of Adventure Time lead character designer Phil Rynda. Pen Ward has stated that if you tell Phil about "anything" he will get a super excited face that this is based off of. Along with the Snail, it is an Easter egg. It is occasionally drawn into the show as an inside joke.[2] Pen Ward stated on his Spring that there is a Phil Face Princess;[3] however, no such character ever appeared onscreen.


Cow Phil

PHIL FACE on Mrs. Cow's udder in "Storytelling."

The expression is composed of an open mouth curled up at the corners, wide eyes, and highly arched eyebrows. Stubble and blue, round glasses, though not mandatory, enhance the overall PHIL FACE experience.


Appearances as a character[]

Main article: Phil

Phil is a recurring character based on Phil Rynda who originally appeared as a "Pajama Ninja" in "City of Thieves." He is a humanoid with a Phil-like face, although he usually doesn't make the actual PHIL FACE expression. He is seen in the following episodes: