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Owls are a species of Bird that can often be found in the real world. Many different owls can be found throughout the Adventure Time series.

Notable Owls

Other Known Owl Species

Image Name Basic Description
OwlMOBBM.png Brown Owl The Brown Owl is a minor character who appears in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain." He is seen among the group of animals having a tea party with Jake.
CandyOwl.png Candy Owl The Candy Owl appears in the episode "What Have You Done?" It is seen flying in the dungeon where Finn and Jake hold Ice King as a prisoner. It resembles a normal owl, but it appears to have jelly beans and sprinkles on its back. Its eyes are a deep purple and shiny.
Owl.png Gray Owls Gray Owls appear in the episode "Storytelling." They are among the many creatures at the Rite of Forest Justice who are angered by Finn's disturbance.
Peanut Owl.png Peanut Owl Peanut Owl is a character first seen in The Duke.
6A7C40F6-01BE-435D-A5BC-E6E2BE71E080.jpeg Desert Owls Desert Owls are a species of owl native to the desert. The first desert owl we see appears in Lemonhope Part 1 reading a book with water next to him. He flys away after being bothered by Lemonhope.
Red-Eyed Owls The Red-Eyed Owls are a swarm of evil owls that appeared out of the mouth of the Gumball Guardian Mutant. They attempted to stop Finn and Ice King from reaching GOLB, but were stopped by Jake, whom had his back cartoonishly torn open by them. Once they are defeated, they dissipate into mist.
Owl Statue In the background of the episode, Nemesis, an Owl Statue can be seen in the background of a room that Peppermint Butler was using to cast an evil spell.
Owl (Enciridian).jpg
Tree Owl The Tree Owl is an Owl that appeared in a tree in the episode, "The Enchiridion!."


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