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"Other Fionna" is a rabbit-like humanoid who appears in "Fionna and Cake and Fionna".


She is a rabbit-like humanoid with peach-colored skin and a white, cotton-like tail. The long ears of her hat cover her actual ears. While her original clothes were a white tank top and a pair of shorts, her Fionna costume is different in that her skirt is long enough to be a dress.


She shows up at the Ice King's reading of Fionna and Cake at the library, and criticizes his story because she claims to be Fionna. She even brought a videotape of one of Fionna and Cake's adventures to show as proof. This made everybody believe her and question where that tape came from and where/how it was filmed. Ice King then invites her to live with him.

While she was living with Ice King, he starts to speculate that she is not Fionna. He later finds "Other Fionna" looking through his private videotapes. He then removes her hat, showing that she is some sort of rabbit humanoid. She then reveals that she was a recluse who would only work on tech stuff in her home. She claims that she found the Fionna and Cake video when she picked up an unusual signal. She was very inspired by it and watching it for around a hundred times or more, she wanted to be like Fionna by finding more tapes to watch her adventures. She tells Ice King that Fionna and Cake is a TV show from the past. She then says that she was looking through Ice King's house for more Fionna and Cake tapes, but Ice King says he has none. The Fionna impostor then sadly leaves after she upsets Ice King, calling for Fionna to forgive her.