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Orbo is a cosmic entity who is in charge of keeping Scarab in check. His first, and currently only, appearance is in "Jerry".


Orbo is a white spherical orb with purple shades. He is also often seen with his face being upside down.


Orbo is shown to be a whimsical and laid-back individual, often referring to others as "mate" and emphasizing on being cool. Despite his easygoing nature, he doesn't tolerate insubordination as he chided Scarab for his disrespectful tone.

He also seems to have great respect for Prismo, referring to him as "cool" and was willing to use violence against Scarab after listening to his long diatribe against him.


Orbo is a cosmic entity of ability to change his size, going from half as big as Scarab to absolutely towering over him.

He also has the ability to teleport items and people. Hitting into people causes them to splatter into pieces, before coming back together, presumably appearing anywhere Orbo chooses.


  • Based on Orbo's forceful attempts to prevent Scarab from investigating Prismo's unauthorized universe, it's implied that he may know of Prismo's illegal hobby, but respects him too much to let him get in trouble with their boss. He even allows Prismo to have Scarab as his assistant as part of the auditor's punishment.
  • Orbo's change of size matches what a hypersphere from higher dimension would look like in the 3rd dimension: mathematically, when a hypersphere moves between higher dimensions, a different slice of its "projection" could be observed in the 3rd dimension.
  • Orbo has the same voice actor as Bandit from Australian hit TV show Bluey.